XLM button... a bug?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by jhenry, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. The red button "XLM" next to "about this forum" in the feedback forum
    seems bugged ... I've just pushed it by curiosity...
  2. It's XML (Extensible Markup Language), not XLM, and seems ok to me. What's buggy about it?
  3. I was just wondering what the use we could do with it... I expected some help/comments about this forum since its location is just next to "About this forum"
    but if some people can find this useful I have no problem at all..:)
  4. It generates an XML page for use with RSS feeds. It's not really of any use to anyone on this website, but it can be of use to other webmasters who want to run syndicated headlines from photo.net on their website.
  5. You will probably start seeing these orange XML buttons on more web sites. They are already ubiquitous on certain types of sites, such as blog sites, and they are becoming more common elsewhere.

    They tell people in the know that an XML-encoded RSS feed is available for the forum. It isn't really intended to be clicked on, although you can. The link associated with the button can be used by people who have RSS-aware software. The XML/RSS version of the forum listing is useful not only to other web sites, but even more to people who have an "RSS Reader", a very handy program that allows you to be updated on and to read new items from many different web sites. RSS Readers are commonly used for news, blog entries, and in photo.net's case, new forum threads. RSS Feeds are available for all of photo.net's forums. (And, photo.net supports RSS "auto-discovery", for those who know what that is.)

    To draw an analogy to a photo.net feature, an RSS Reader provides a kind of Unified View of many different forums, blogs, news feeds, etc.photo.net member Mark Meyer has been working on a format, as have others, to allow photo portfolios to be sydicated using RSS (check out pheed.com), and I am pretty interested in the possibility of photo.net doing that for Gallery participants at some point.

    If you want to learn more about RSS Readers, do a google search on RSS Reader. There are a lot of them available, on practically all platforms. I am using Amphetidesk myself.
  6. Thanks guys! ... I feel I am getting old suddenly..!;-)
  7. Looking at my answer again, I realized I wasn't very helpful. Sorry about that. I shouldn't post right before bedtime. :)

    The others have explained it much better than I could have anyway...

    Nice to see photo.net getting into RSS. I've been considering getting a reader and this just gave me the extra push I needed. :)

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