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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by james_james|3, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. has anyone ever hear of mounting a XL lens to a EOS camera?

    can that be done?
  2. no and no
  3. what is an XL lens, what camera is that for?
  4. its the Lens off a Canon XL2 video camera. i know you can get an adaptor to fit EOS lens to the XL2, but the lens that is on the XL2 is a canon XL 5.4-108mm L IS 1:1.6-3.5
    i was just wondering why no one ever tried to mod it for an EOS?
  5. Wouldn't the image circle of an XL lens cover only about 1/4 of the frame?
  6. Actually the XL lens would only cover an area slightly larger than an 8mm movie frame. The sensor in the XL is called a 1/3" sensor, meaning the diagonal is only 1/3". So in reality the area covered would be closer to 1/10 the area of a FF EOS camera.
  7. You can go the other way - there are adaptors for EF lenses for use with either C mount or XL that retain AF, IS and aperture control.

    A 1/3" sensor is 4.8x3.6mm, or 17.28 sq mm - just 2% of the 864 sq mm of a full frame sensor. It is very close to Standard 8 format on 8mm film, although that was mainly supplanted by Super 8. More cine formats here complete with scans of a frame of most of them that show relative size, right up to 70mm IMAX:


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