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  1. Has anyone ever seen An XA,XA4 with a strap on it or where one may be purchased. thanks Danny
  2. If you have an XA4 Macro, note that the wrist lanyard is unique to that model. It serves to ascertain the proper ‘macro’ focusing distances for 1 and 1.7 feet. It is distinguished by a black and red plastic, eliptical 'keeper' that, when pulled apart, denotes the proper focus distance for 1.7 feet. I’ve found it to be very helpful. Can't help with a source.
  3. The XA-4 was produced for a shorter production run so they're in shorter supply anyway. You might could modify an existing strap to mark off focusing distances should you find one without the original strap.
  4. I use leather boot laces as straps for two of my XAs (4) and XA2 (1). They work well. I do not have an XA4, but one could fashion a strap to work at the right focusing distance (and pre-test it before missing that once-in-a-lifetime shot). One of my favorite camera designs ever.
  5. Thrift stores and flea markets have "tons" of old cameras with straps for a few dollars which are easily attached to the XA. Also, try a Gordy camera strap at www.electricedge.com Very nice straps and very sturdy.
  6. Straps are also available other places like ebay, amazon, etc. Don't make your search too limited by choosing a search such as: "XA4 strap" But try: "strap for Nikon". (The strap won't know its really on an Olympus!)
  7. The original XA straps had a flat metal clip that fit nicely over the pin. But you can also use any of a number of straps made for other P&S cameras, that have a closed loop in the end, as long as the material is fine enough to go through the limited opening. The loop type may actually be more secure, and less likely to scratch up the camera, so I would second the suggestion to check thrift stores and the like for ultra-cheap cameras, whose straps may be their best feature.

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