^x7 underexposure

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by ed_workman, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Has anyone identified "Curtain hang-up"? -or ?? I have several
    frames on several rolls, intermittant of course, that appear to be
    underexposed and unevenly so. That is, one side of the frame worse
    than the other, and some apparent banding in the murk. I first passed
    it off to my own ineptness, trying to shoot action with two bodies and
    not checking settings etc, but closer examination shows possible
    banding. Thanks
  2. Hi Ed

    I've not had problems with a banded exposure but my 67ii has just been returned to Pentax UK with an exposure problem. On the same roll some frames are spot on and others up to 2/3 stops underexposed - same subject, same lighting & doesn't matter whether taken in Aperture Priority (using the AE II prism) or in manual. An intermittent problem like yours.

    This is the second problem I've had to return it for (its only 15 months old) - was (and still is) prone to giving me completely blank frames mid roll for no apparent reason.

    Think I'll trade it in!!

    Sorry this doesn't help you but I wondered if we had company in having a bum Pentax 67 camera?

    All the best


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