X30 overexposion in back screen

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  1. My friend bought this camera, it shows in SR+ setting and EV 0,photos in back screen over exposed, but then in computer screen OK. Difficult to select which to keep which to delete. And advice how to change the back screen to match better to the result in PC screen?
    Thanks, Esko
  2. Until you find an answer to the camera why not download everything and make your selection on a larger screen where you can really tell what is what. I rarely use the LCD except to change menus and frame low or high angle shots.
    I would suggest your friend takes the camera to where he bought it if possible ... is it still under guarantee?
  3. Yes, too many possibilities for an internet diagnosis, Esko. I have never seen a big difference on any of my digital cameras as you are touching on...I mean to say when you have a Fuji, best ask a Fuji technician to have a look see. And see if there is a Fuji user page on Facebook or elsewhere. They made the camera and should be able to suggest something or take it in for adjustment or repair.
  4. Simple solution: set camera LCD brightness lower, in set up menu. I had the same experience with my X10, and the adjustment worked.
  5. Also, doesn't the X30 have a histogram display available during playback? It's often hard to judge exposure by looking at
    the image on the camera LCD because your perception of it will be affected by the ambient light level so it's best practice
    to look at the histogram.
  6. If you have the over/under exposure highlights turned on, you get a distorted view. Sky, for example, will usually show as "overexposed" even when it is normal. There is also a brightness adjustment for the screen to adjust for viewing under various ambient light levels. Viewing screens are rarely give a good indication of the exposure or image quality in general. A histogram is much more objective.
  7. And even the histogram can be misleading since it is a jpeg rendering and may not accurately reflect the raw file. I use a Fuji X T-1 and X100S and find that even trying to use ETTR I often end up under-exposing, e.g. there is a bit unused headroom before the highlights are really blown in Lightroom. I agree that the OP's question is a bit unclear. Along with the others, I almost never delete a photo from the camera, with even small cards, there's no need to delete before importing to a much more objective screen, e.g. the computer. Good luck.
  8. I was making an assumption Esko that when you wrote overexposed you meant that it showed flashing highlights or the histogram reading confirmed that hightlights are blown out.... If it is just the overall brightness or overbrightness of the LCD that happens to have got set high, -as Howard V. remembered- that is an easy fix to give a try first off. Read how in manual set up... Good ideas I did not think of at all, I mean from your info. Good luck in setting it right. Aloha. gs Hey, and please get back to us and let us know what you discover.....thanks.

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