X2 battery and X2 optical viewfinder

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  1. Typing in Leica X2 battery at Amazon will lead to several choices with amazing price differentials. The Leica X2 battery being the most expensive ($119). Another battery, made by Wasabi, is for $16. There are others. I want to get an extra battery but would rather not spend $119. Any recommendations?
    Olympus makes the VF-2 viewfinder which works with the X2 but I would rather get an optical viewfinder. Any recommendations? The Leica optical vf is around $900, but surely there is another company making such things much cheaper. Does the VF-1 by Olympus work with the X2?
  2. Don't have the X2 to comment on that, but I use Wasabi batteries and one of their charges for other camera brands I own. I don't notice a difference in running time between Wasabi and OEM, and the OEM chargers handle them equally to OEM batteries. Quite a bargain, as you note.
    Several top retailers list the viewfinder model as both for the M(240) as well as for the X2, and selling for ~$500. I would take that as a good indication that the Oly VF2 is compatible - http://leicarumors.com/2012/05/31/leica-x2-evf2-viewfinder-is-made-by-olympus.aspx/ and http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/41547697 .
  3. Thanks. I'll order one of those Wasabi batteries.
  4. Yes, the VF-1 from Olympus will work. Voigtlaender also does viewfinders - I have the 35mm metal version, but they also
    do/did them in plastic. Finally, there is a russian plastic one (Helios or Zorki) which is OK, but more like 40mm view.
  5. Sorry, the Olympus VF-1 is not usable - it covers the right diagonal angle of view, but has a 4:3 aspect ratio and not the
    3:2 ratio of the X2. Apologies for any inconvenience :-(
  6. The Olympus VF-2 is usable.

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