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  1. stp


    When trying to view items for sale under the medium format sections (SLR and non-SLR), nothing shows up except a big ad for swoopo.com. They've found a way to (temporarily) take over the page.
  2. stp


    I have a number of these categories bookmarked. E.g.:
    Only an ad for www.swoopo.com shows up.
  3. You are going to have to change bookmarks. I did some restructuring of the categories to better organize and reflect what is being sold. Medium format is now just one category:
  4. Josh-
    Is it possible to restrict the ad content? I ask because Swoopo is a scam...
  5. Swoopo - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swoopo - isn't technically a scam. I've seen it described as "eBay's evil twin". It's actually closer to a gambling site and I think they even describe themselves as an "entertainment shopping" site. You can think of it as a lottery.
    It's certainly not a "normal" retail or auction site. While their business model is "creative" it's not an out and out scam. However I'd assume they do "sucker" people in who don't take the time to figure out exactly what the deal is.
    I don't set policy here so I have no control over which ads appear. If I did, I'd certainly think about whether swoopo was a site I'd want to promote. Personally I wouldn't go anywhere near them.

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