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  1. hey,
    I would just like to know what you think of my website and if there is anything i could do to improve it.
  2. You have a spelling error in the first paragraph!
  3. And last time I looked, the name of the car was "Bentley" not "Bently"
  4. You need to run the spell checker on your entire site. "Standard" is misspelled, and you have lots of bad grammar errors. And "Flowers" doesn't have an apostrophe.
    Your auto photos don't excite me, there are too many uncontrolled reflections that make them look like they were shot on the auto dealer's showroom floor.
    And all the pictures look very dark on my calibrated monitor. My guess is that your monitor brightness is set too high, and you're compensating by setting the brightness of the pictures too low.
    Find someone to go through all your text and correct all the typos, spelling, and grammar errors. They make your site look very unprofessional.
  5. Hello, thank you for your responses, they have been useful. I did get someone to proof read the site but clearly they didn’t do a very good job.
    The auto photos were done on a showroom floor, as I am only 17 and still in collage, renting a studio and the cars was a very expensive option so I got in touch with the dealer and let me come in for the day so I could get some experience. I will keep the reflections point in mind for next time and I am also going to get a calibrator for my monitor.
    I have been back through my site so I hope I have found all the errors.
    Thanks again for your help
  6. I don’t think the watermarks are such good idea. They may turn off some of the potential customers.

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