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  1. Hello, please review & comment. Thanks!!
  2. Hello Jason,
    It's really not a bad site. I do like how the site looks. What I don't like is that while going through your gallery, the background color changed with every photograph. Some people may like that but I found it to b distracting. One major change that needs to be made to your site is the pictures cycle through extremely fast on your home page. Slow them down a bit so we can actually see them and I think you have have a very nice site.
  3. Hi Jason,
    Overall, I think it's a nice site. I do have a few small comments (don't take offense at any of them - they're just my opinions).
    I would change "Enter Site" to "Photography". I've already entered the site when the first page loads ;)
    It's fine if you separate the blog, but I think they should have a similar "look" to them. I find the blog theme distracting. It doesn't say "Fun and informal" and it doesn't say "Professional and classy" either. On the blog there are too many photos and they are too large. I also advocate using a "fold" on each entry "Read more..." so for each article, you have one (smaller) photo and the reader can follow a read more link to see more. Overall it seems like you're usingthe blog as a portfolio which is what the photo site is.
    You're using flash for your photo site. This will be a problem for the iPad. The changing background is distracting.
    Your about us page is very nice.
    I would change "Preferred Links" to Resources.
    For some reason the photo site worked fine in Chrome, but failed to load in Firefox. It also failed in Opera. Worked fine in IE.
    You used the meta description. Very good!
    You used a WHOLE lot of meta-keywords. Some search engines may actually punish you for that, so you may want to think about trimming it down to those that are really accurate.
    Please don't take any of these comments personally.
  4. Thanks so much.
    Any other criticism / comments out there? All are appreciated!

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