www.erpicturestudio.com How does this format look?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by todd_emeott, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Any feedback about how the site is formatted and any suggestions to make it better would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Your "about me" text runs off the left side of the screen and is covered by the social media links
    Your company name runs off the right side of the frame, even when I drag the scroll bar over to show it.
    Your only samples seem to be the slide show on the home page. I can't tell how many photos there are, I can't tell where to find Senior Portrait samples or Wedding images. The home page slide show is fine, but you also need real portfolio page(s) so customers can evaluate your work.
    Congratulations on putting your location on your home page. Most photographers make it difficult to find out where they are located, but do you really want random people dropping on your studio? I hope it's a studio, not your home that is so prominently marked on the map.
  3. Thanks for the response, I did not even notice the "about me" section and that being an issue, I also like the fact that you noticed I should have a separate page or pages for a "portfolio" and not just the slide show, thanks much for the ideas.
  4. I share the issue with social media / about me text.
    http://www.erpicturestudio.com/services.html is hard to read on this old laptop's screen. - Dark grey text on black background. - Maybe add contrast? - I guess my screen isn't the worst imaginable some customers' might be more indifferent about dark tones.
  5. Interesting. I use a specific browser window size (900w x 1024h) and the Web pages are lost off both sides and won't show with scrolling to the left and are half color half white background scrolling to the right. Whatever Web design app you used (GoDaddy according to the code which is hard to read as it's continuous lines), it doesn't account for various platforms and browsers. It only appears to work when I widen the browser window enough to show the whole page correctly.
  6. ... I did not even notice the "about me" section and that being an issue ...​
    As I have said many times before,
    That's why those who critique a site should provide their viewing environments as context.
    That's why those who care about how a site looks or performs across browsers, code revisions, OSs, monitor sizes, etc. should take some time testing it first BEFORE launching it.
  7. Lovely designing and layout. It is really gracious and the credit goes to those who has made this. I liked most its background color and slide show. But you can make descriptive by adding some description beneath it.
  8. Good point Rober K about context. I'm using a Mac Pro with OS-X Mavericks and tested it with 5 browsers, Safari, Firefox, Chrome/Chromium, OminWeb, and SeaMonkey, all with the same size settings, and got the same results, the Web design assumes a minium browser far wider than what I use and has problems with the presentations using a narrower browser. The design should accommodate the browser and the user shouldn't have to adjust the browser for the design to work.

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