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  1. I need the help of the forum please, is this camera an original or fake?


  2. Looks like a fake. The shutter release is wrong -- the button on a Leica is smooth on top, not threaded for a cable. The collar around the button should be much shallower. It's threaded to fit a ring surrounding the button. A cable release can only be installed after the collar is removed
  3. Not to mention the swastika.
  4. Look through the Rangefinder Window: The Russian cameras have a yellow tint on the RF window. The Leica requires use of an external filter.

    It looks like a fake.
  5. A very clear fake. This one started life as a Zorki 1 (type 1e) made in the USSR in the mid 1950s. The chrome and original engravings have been stripped off, leaving bare brass, and fake engravings added.
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  6. I concur with everyone else. It is a fake - 100%. This is actually an easy one for those familiar with old Leicas. Give us something more challenging next time! :)
  7. Ditto. Hope you didnt pay 2 much 4 this. Did it come with a lens. Is it working. You may still b able 2 use it 4 fotographic purposes.
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    Can't recall who posted, where I saw it - if one can buy a fake "right" there are those who collect the counterfeits. However, this one has been "rode hard, put away wet".
  9. There is a Russian lens on eBay at the moment with a very dashing black and orange paint job. I have to admit I'm just a little tempted. This isn't so funny. It pays to do your research I guess. I wonder if this one was battered on purpose?

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