WTB V35 Instruction Book

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tony_brookes|5, Aug 14, 2001.

  1. Does any kind person please have a spare V35 Instruction Manual which I could purchase ? Mine was lost in a move.
  2. Tony , Try Leica at 1.800.222.0118 thet were able to send me a
    photo copy for my Focomat 1 at no charge if I remember correctly
    It was the parts dept .
  3. The Hove book Leica Darkroom Practice is still available new, and is
    much better than even the original instruction booklet.
  4. Thanks Charles and Bill - I now have both. Your advice was excellent.


  5. I love leica .I do my own lab work . I have buy a same Leitz Leica focomat V 35 Color autofocus enlarger form S.Korea, (there is not the leica enlarger in China). but haven't a Instruction book. through leica company ,I connt get it , whether or not, can you help me,a Instruction Book about Leitz Leica focomat V 35 Color autofocus enlarger email to me?
    thanks a lot
    songmin gao

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