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  1. Hello:
    I would like to upgrade by lens to make sharp 20x24 enlargements. My budget is $50-80, and my requirements are a 6-element lens in very good condition optically (definitely no smudges or cleaning marks). It has to be 80 (preferable) to 105 mm focal length. Here are the examples:<p>
    Beseler Pro 90mm<p>
    Fujinon 90mm EP or EX<p>
    El Nikkor 80mm f/5.6 N or 105mm<p>
    Rodenstock Rodagon 80mm f/4 or 90mm<p>
    Schnider Componon 90mm or 100mm<p>
    If it is not a M39 (Leica) mount lens, I would also need a 4x4" lens board with mounting hardware for it.
    Thank you for reading.
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  2. You want a minimum focal length of 90mm for 6x7. 100 or 105mm would be better and I'd recommend a Rodenstock Rodagon over Schneider's Componon-S. Componons tend to come in odd-sized mounting threads.

    I've never used a Fujinon enlarging lens, but they have a good reputation. They may be hard to come by though.

    With prices for darkroom gear almost at rock-bottom, it shouldn't be too difficult to pick one up within your budget.

    BTW. You'll need around 1.1 metres of column height to get a 20"x24" print from 6x7. If you have less column height or headroom than this you'll need to find a wide-angle enlarging lens, and that might be more rare and expensive. Although 60mm Hoya WAs seem to be reasonably obtainable.
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  3. The 60mm HOya lens mentioned was sold as the Bogen 60/4 Wide Angle. I have a number of these and I think they were made by Tokina (Tokina/Hoya/Kenko). I have used a 105/5.6 EL Nikkor with 6X7 negatives with good results. At some point I may have also tried the 80/5.6 EL Nikkor - old and new versions. I think the Beseler Pro lenses and the Computar lenses were made by the same company. Some of these seem to have yellowed over time and this may be due to the aging of the cement between some of the elements. Another possibility is the excellent 80/5.6 CE Rokkor-X.
  4. The 80mm f4 Componon-S is fine for 6x7. I found little or no light loss or significant loss of resolution in the edges of the frame. It also allows you to project larger images at a given height compared to the normal 90mm or longer lenses.
  5. Take a look on soviet enlarger lens Vega 5U.

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