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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by steve g, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Greetings,<br>
    Looking for a 6x9 folding camera. Any brand is ok. Rangefinder
    optional. Lens should be relatively quick, the faster the better and
    at least a f4.5, if not an f3.5 or so. Just want something in working
    condition to take some photos with.<br><br>
    Please email me any offers.
  2. Stephen,
    I have a CLA'd Agfa Record III with Solinar f/? for sale. It was CLA'd by Jurgen Kreckel (aka Certo6) in 2004 with new black bellows and overhauled shutter. I'd have to check the shutter/lens speed details and exact price at home and will email you late tonight. Anyway the price will be around USD150.00 + shipping (can't remember the CLA cost since I'm at work now). I am just asking the purchase + CLA price - I don't have to get rich on the camera. Best,
  3. Hello All,
    Stephen, I am looking for a 6x9 folder myself. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the slower lens folders with Agnars, Voigtar, Jagstar, etc with f6.3+. Are they really that bad? These seem to be closer to my price range on the auction site.
    I have a RolfixII with a Radionar. It was fine until I thought I might "loosen" up the lower speeds with a "dab" of Ronsonol. Now the shutter will not run at all. Never even got a roll of film through it. Very frustrating! The tools to fix the camera or a CLA by someone who actually knows what they are doing are 6 times what I paid for it. It would glady trade it with other consideration of course to anyone that has a "cosemetically changed" fully functional folder. Email me as well.
    Sorry to highjack your thread Stephen. I guess I really need to vent a little. Cheers. -Brad
  4. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the slower lens folders with Agnars, Voigtar, Jagstar, etc with f6.3+
    I've been using a Zeiss Nettar 6X9 with a f/6something and I like it just fine, epsecially considering it only cost about $30. It would be nice to blur the background a little more with wide open shots; but it's guess focus anyway so I'd probably miss my focus with a wider aperture anyway.
  5. I have an Ensign Selfix 820 with f3.5 Ross Expres lens and good shutter in great shape that is a 6by9 folder. $120 shipped to Canada or the States.
  6. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the slower lens folders with Agnars, Voigtar, Jagstar, etc with f6.3+.
    I have a Wirgin Auta 6.3 (with 6x4.5 masks) that is my favorite 6x9 for just walking around. Now that I have the bellows leaks fixed, it's back in service. Triplet Wirgin Gewironar lens (coated), scale focus, flip-up eye level frame finder with bars for the dual format, and rotating waist level for both portrait and landscape. It's the most compact, lightest 6x9 I own (comparing to a 1920s vintage Voigtlander and a Moskva-5, neither one a marvel of compactness, but the Wirgin is about as small as a 6x9 can get), and the ability to get 16 shots on a roll with the masks in, and still have around three times the negative area of 35 mm (not to mention the wonderful effect of the 105 mm lens on the half frame) make it nice to use. The shutter is so quiet I can't hear it myself if there's background noise (though it's only T, B, 25-50-100), aperture stops down just enough to shoot ISO 400 in "Sunny 16" even with the slow shutter, and I've never had a steadiness problem with it the way I routinely do with my Moskva, even with the eye level finder. And of course you can't open up an f/6.3 triplet enough to get into the really soft region -- it looks fine wide open, and much better than fine by f/16. No, I can't shoot hand held in a dim restaurant with ISO 400 -- but I can't do that with my f/3.5 lenses, either, and that's why they make Delta 3200 in 120. :)
    Oh, yeah -- it cost me $10 (though I did have to fabricate a pin roller to replace one that was missing -- fifteen minutes' work starting from 1/8" brass rod, since I have a small metal lathe). With a little luck and ongoing care, this one will still be serving me ten years down the road.
  7. I've a Moskva-5 in need of CLA that I'll give you for free if you promise to use it a lot. I bought it and decided I prefer my medalist; nothing against Moskva's themselves....
  8. I use a German Norca 6x9 that has built-in hinged 6x6 masks. I've yet to find an Agfa folder that is usable, and I've examined dozens.
  9. I've have pretty good results with the Ansco Speedex Jr. (a very, very low-end US sale version of an Isolette), but the more expensive Agfa/Ansco folders I've seen, with their synthetic bellows material, have had many, many leaks. My experience has been that a leather bellows is probably okay, barring plain old wear, for 70-100 years, maybe longer, while a cloth one typically goes bad in 50-70, and a synthetic one made in the 1950s is good for less than 50 years.

    Modern synthetics, who can say? They're probably better then the oldest ones, but how much better? I don't know -- I'd stick with leather, if money were no object; if well maintained, leather can last literally for centuries.
  10. James, I would like the Moskva if still available. I'm a user rather than collector and I'm pretty sure I can CLA this one. I will send you an e-mail as well. cheers,

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