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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by tim_tan|1, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. I am interested in a 35mm view finder for my M3. Pls advise if you have one for sale. Thanks
  2. Does it have to be Leitz or Leica? The Cosina/Voigtlander 35mm
    brightline finder is very bright and quite distortion free. Original
    Leitz/Leica 35mm finders tend to be quite expensive.
  3. The "Voigtina" finder has very little eye relief. This can be a
    problem if you use glasses.
  4. The expensive route: Leica 35mm viewfinder from New York's B&H for US$ 379. The cheap route: R ussian 35mm viewfinder from Kiev USA for US$ 52.
  5. I wear eyeglasses and haven't found the lack of eye relief on the
    voigtlander finder to be a problem. It's very good, just not as good
    as a .58 M6 finder.
  6. If money is an issue I would recommend the Russian finder. I find it
    clear, bright and accurate. I paid $25 for mine from Russian
  7. If you cover the center viewfinder window with a piece of
    electrician's tape, it will blank out the projected frames in the
    viewfinder. You can then use the outer edges of the viewfinder as a
    close approximation of the acceptance angle for the 35. This has the
    advantage of allowing the MR/MR-4 meter to remain attached to the
  8. I have a Nikon rangefinder 35 finder that I used with my M3.
    Probably collectible if you're into that kind of thing. I'm not I
    just use the stuff. It is little and round and black and very
    bright. It comes with sexy little leather case. I hadn't thought of
    selling it but if you may be interested email me and we can talk.
  9. I can also recommend the Russan finders. I paid about $30 for
    mine. Its very clear & bright.No bright line, but over $100 cheaper
    than the Voigtländer. I used it to replace a German Diax finder
    I've used for many years. That finder is kind of interesting. It looks
    like a Leitz 90 mm finder, is bright, LIFE SIZE, and has a bright
    line. The problem is that its impossible to see anything close to
    the full frame with glasses--its even hard to do so w/o glasses.
  10. Tim. In my view, the Leitz Leica 35 mm brightline finder (code name
    SBLOO), which was recommended for use of very early 35 mm M lenses
    (eg., 35 mm 35/3.5 Summaron prior to introduction of the 35/3.5 M3
    model with the "eyes") is the best BL finder they ever made.
    Probably better than anyone elses 35 mm finder too. It has excellent
    eye relief, is outstandingly clear, and is just a pleasure to use.


    There is a dotted line to compensate for parallel in the near focus
    range, but no parallel adjustment scale. The only down-side to this
    finder is the cost (at $ 300+). There is a very small amount of
    barrel distortion (not as much as in other Leica WA finders), but
    it'snot bothersome. Despite their cost, these finders seem to be
    snarfed up quickly whenever they are offered for sale.

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