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Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by chris hughes, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. I see that photonet changed how the Workspace page is laid out. When the change happened
    the links to my portfolio (both the public page and the management tool) changed to a
    different user's. Mine now goes to someone named Chris Vaughn, not to Chris Hughes where
    it should.
  2. Actually, strike the part about the management tool. That link is right. It's the link to the
    public portfolio page that's wrong.
  3. pmj


    You're right. The code fails because there's a space in your screen name. I'll try to fix it
    (the code, not your screen name).
  4. I think it is a great change. I hadn't checked all my links yet.
  5. pmj


    Chris, it should work properly now. Can you try it, please?
  6. pmj


    Note for Brian: I simply put double quotes around the URL. It seems the easiest solution,
    though perhaps a

    regsub -all { } $screen_name "%20" html_screen_name

    might be more thorough.
  7. Thanks Patrick. It works as it should now!

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