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  1. Evening everyone,

    Here’s a question just because I don’t have the energy tonight to read three large manuals. Camera bodies involved are the D4, 800 and 810. I normally set up to put jpegs on one card and NEF on the other. I was watching a video on a Canon R6 and got the impression that it can write both files to one card and then the other as space is needed. Is that correct? Can the three Nikons I mentioned do this? No need to tell me how, I can figure it out but want to find out if it can be done. Thanks.

    Rick H.
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    Yes, on Nikon bodies with dual cards, you can write RAW + JPEG onto one card and use the other card as overflow only. I wouldn’t recommend such a set up, but you may choose to do so.
  3. Yup you can.

    Kinda negates the safety-by-duplication point of twin card slots.....but you can take 1000's of images;)
  4. With the luxury of two cards I prefer to write NEF to one and JPG to the other. I am not paranoid and have used one card cameras for a decade, but with two cards, it makes more sense to me to utilise the extra slot for safety rather than maximising the space utilisation. But if you wish, you can use the extra card for overflow.
  5. Interesting!

    So why not write NEF to both? That's safety and quality!

    There's a JPEG image in every RAW file already.
  6. I don’t know why I started pondering this but can any of these write both files to one card and then overflow to the second? My normal setup is jpeg on one and nef to the other. I probably should stick to that. I’ve only ever had one card fail and it was one of the first I ever purchased. Storage space then was a lot more expensive and a lot slower. I think I could shoot four quick nef files in my D1X before it would nearly stop.

    Rick H.
  7. Yes. This video provides a complete explanation - Click here.
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