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    A lapse into extravagence
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  4. My grandfather was a physician, and needed a watch to take pulses, but wrist watches weren't so dependable, so he bought a small gauge pocket watch, and had a custom wrist strap made for it. The leather of the strap deteriorated, but this was a wrist watch!
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    I shall supply a bit of information. When professional watch photographers shoot a watch they set the time on the watch to about ten minutes after ten. (Check some watch catalogs and brochures to see.) That gives the watch a nice smiley face. I have even seen digital watches that have 10:10 digital readout on them, sort of an inside joke I suppose. Without the watch being set to around 10:10 The photo may look nice but it just wouldn't look right to most people although they couldn't say why. The Illinoise watch above definitely has to be set to 10:10; it looks a bit lopsided at 3:20
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  7. I guess I could call myself a professional watch photographer in the sense that I photograph watches for money :) (namely Ebay sales and occasionally catalog work). I've also done photos for scholarly publication.

    For those purposes, I'll actually often set it to 10:09 or 10:08. I've also gone a bit past on occasion. The reason is that I don't want the minute hand covering the numeral(which can be interesting) but on some watches I've run into the signature if I went a minute or two early.

    This one was close


    I'm getting ready to start in on helping with a poster project(3rd one this NAWCC chapter has done). The above watch dial MIGHT make it in, although I suspect that someone else has a nicer condition one. These have actually sort of come out of the woodwork in the last few years-10 years ago, they weren't well documented, but several examples have surfaced. There may be 20 or so of them(it's hard to say with certainty) but I know of four or five in collections.

    This one PROBABLY would have been okay at 10:10


    I've also been known to use 3:40(or 3:38) if it was a fancy dial or otherwise had something above the center line that I wanted to show. This positioning is USUALLY not used outside special dials or complicated watches because of the "frowning" appearance.


    Here's the 10:10 problem I was talking about


    And one at 10:12 even though this would have done fine at 10:08


    BTW, since we really want to get into macro photos :)

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    R0011113_4577R0011113.JPG Zombie Watch

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