Would this be a good choice?

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  1. I have been looking to buy a Digital camera in the 5 mega pixel area.
    I want the point and shoot simplicity so my wife will also use it,
    but I also want to have the prosumer features. I have been looking at
    the Minolta Dimage 7hi, it seems to have everthing and at a good
    price. I see them online in the $550.00 range. I have read the review
    at Steve's and DP review and they seem to give it an average review.
    Does anyone have experience good and bad with this camera? Is there a
    better choice out there without spending $800-1000? I would like to
    spend between $400 and $600.
    Thanks for any responses.
  2. I recently got the DiMAGE A1. This is a step up from the 7hi and so far I am amazed with the image quality and feature set on this camera. Consider this model as it will take the fat32 compatible CF cards (4 GB and higher)for one thing.
  3. I also want to have the prosumer features.​

    Such as?
  4. I would love to see a definition of prosumer features if you have them.

    There are a lot of 5MP digicams in the 5-600 range from Canon, Nikon, etc... and I am not sure anyone of the cameras from the top companies are significantly better than the other, but I am partial to the Canon G series and would recommend that you look at the Canon G5 which is about $520 at B&H
  5. I like the G5, but I find the Olympus C-5060 offers the same features plus a wide angle lens and a remote control included in the box. You'll find rave reviews for both cameras, but what bothers me most about the G5 is the battery system - it doesn't include an external charger, which means extra batteries are a pain to work with unless you buy a charger for them too.

    If you want more zoom, try looking for a Nikon 5700, though be wary, it may take a moment for your wife to learn how to set the camera to auto, the interface is a little more SLR like, and lacks a dial that she can just switch to auto. Also, if you're talking USD, you should be able to get a Minolta A1 for around $600-700 (if not, order one from Canada :p)..though the A1 and 7hi aren't cameras I would initially recommend for sharing. You may also want to keep an eye out for Canon's upcoming powershot S60, which looks quite promising, and a little more travel sized than what might be deemed the "prosumer" digicams.
  6. jbs


    "Would this be a good choice?" Yes. TAkes a quality Digital Image. voice notes, video, rotating evf,etc. I recommend it Highly....;)....J do a photo.net search for more....;)...J

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