Would love some website recommendations.

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by melanie_poteat, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. I'm not good at this website stuff & really wish I had $4000 laying around to have someone design this for me! (one day, one day).

    I'm redesigning my studio to focus on high-end senior portraits. Still working on my style & building up my portfolio. I created this the other day & like the general look & feel. Just not sure if it attracts my client. Please let me know thoughts & suggestions for my website. Thank you.
  2. First: that top area (with your logo) is tying up a lot of screen real estate. That mean having to scroll down to even see that bit of text that says something about who and where you are. Someone who just casually visited the site might miss that entirely.

    Second: I don't see any contact information, other than the street address. I do see social media links, but not everyone is going to want to have to join those services (or even visit them) just to find out an email address or phone number.

    Try to visit your own content as if you had no idea who you are, but wishing you could spend money. Are you making it easier, or harder for people to do that?
  3. Definitely agree with what was said above, by Matt. The overall design of the site is nice, and looks good. Colors are good and your portfolio is put together well.
    The text in the top left-hand corner "Northwest Arkansas Senior & Family Photographer" is virtually invisible. I would suggest getting rid of that entirely, it's not necessary and looks out of place.

    on your "contact me" site, for some reason the words "I will be getting back with you just as soon as I can!" seem a little off, maybe "I will get back to you as soon as possible!" That one isn't necessary, but is a small suggestion.

    One more thing, this isn't a problem on your main site, but on your blog, the watermarks are quite obnoxious, if you use a watermark, put it low, and small, and bring down the opacity so it blends a little better. It's quite distracting from the images.
    I'm no professional, and I'm just starting out myself, but I do have a good idea of design principles and such. So I hope this helps!

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