Would love some thoughts/critiques on my new website

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by shannonholm, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. I recently launched my new website and would love to hear some thoughts from fellow photographers. So far, it has gotten great reviews from family and friends, but the true test is to throw it to 'the wolves' so to speak and let other photographers tear it apart. Photography is a side job (though I DID previously hold a full time job at a studio as a photographer) and so I didn't want to blow a ton of money on programming a custom site...as a result the design was slightly limited by the template service, though it did give a higher degree of customization than many of the services I had tested out.
    I would love some honest opinions...the good, the bad, the ugly. Images you like/hate/think I should remove.
    Thanks in advance for any tips or critiques.
  2. I like it and I think it works well with your style of photography. And I like your photographs, too. One thing to point out though is that the web site won't display on iPhones and iPads. It gives a message that I should upgrade Flash, which is not an option. If its likely that your clients would use these devices, you may want to consider some alternative content or approach.
  3. I like the site and your photographs are really good too. The site is easy to navigate and leads to you to other areas of your work which I liked.
  4. Thanks to both of you! It means a lot.
    To Mirek, I have thought about this, and am looking into possible ways to redirect users to a pared down, html (possibly blog style) version. Just haven't quite gotten there yet.
  5. Wow, thanks for sharing. I love the interesting photos and the Website. I agree about the use of flash, but many photographers' Websites are flash-based as are many commercial Websites, and I suspect eventually Apple will concede to upgrade iPhones and iPads to run flash and other Mac/PC compatible applications for cross-platform access and use.
  6. Great photos (content before style is the priority in my books), and agreeing with other posts that the layout for finding content is optimal. I especially like that all your portfolios are contained in the 'portfolio' tab, very straightforward and easy to go back to.
    I too agree that flash could definitely hinder mobile Apple devices from viewing your site, something you'll definitely want to be sure about (since, as also stated, clients will likely use such devices). OTOH, since many photo folio sites are flash, I wouldn't see this as a dealbreaker.
    @Scott M. Knowles re: "I suspect eventually Apple will concede to upgrade iPhones and iPads to run flash and other Mac/PC compatible applications for cross-platform access and use."... We can only hope so, but considering the Apple/Adobe feud on Flash and the rise of HTML5, I'm not holding my breath.
  7. You obviously have a good eye - the images are great. However, having said that, I'm having a tough time reconciling the various content into one cohesive portal for your photography. To me, the site seems to lack focus (pun intended) -- is it for a photography business or is it a personal site?
    The wedding photos just doesn't seem to belong. If that's the type of client you are after, then the blog and facebook links may give them some pause. The "About" page also seems a little disjointed. The first paragraph is largely fine (wrt to your education), but talking about "your love" or your passion or toy cameras may scare off some prospective clients. I'd say keep it more professional -- short and to the point.
    Please take my comments as constructive -- if I didn't think you had any talent, I would not even bother. But you do have an eye for this... let that talent shine through.

    Bottom line: 1) remove the LINKS page; 2) Present the Portfolio using the same look as the LINKS page; 3) Combine the About and Contact pages; and 4) Re-write the About page to give it a more professional tone.
    Good luck!
  8. My aim is for an online portfolio to refer potential clients and referrals to. Though I do shoot some weddings, and therefore feel the need to include the section on my site, it is not my main aim with my photography business. My main aim for growing my business is to continue with fashion and experimental/location portraiture. I have been approached by make-up artists, pr professionals (for headshots) musicians, and general portraiture as well as the odd wedding here or there (though I tend to be a little selective about the wedding clients I take on because of my style of shooting). I kept a single section of my non-people/artsy work, because I feel that it helps support my overall photographic vision and has attracted clients to my work.
    I do agree with the about me section, I am glad I got some feedback on that. I had a longer bio, which I realized was much too long, but I agree that maybe the current form doesn't compliment the portfolio as it should. I plan on re-working this soon.
    I am curious about your suggestion to remove the links page. Why? It seems like linking to blogs and other social media (not to mention an outlet to purchase art prints, which has led to sales) is standard practice and a way to link my various forms of work while keeping my website aimed more at potential clients.

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