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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by silverdae, May 13, 2010.

  1. I've finally got our updated site online. I would really appreciate feedback, especially on the following:
    Overall site design, loading speed (I think my flash galleries are pretty slow... I really hope not, but if they are, any help on optimizing them would be appreciated), the pure html versions of the galleries (disable javascript to get to them), and usability of different browsers. Also, this is the first time I've ever used the tag iframe, so if I've made a mess of it, let me know! Feel free to critique whatever. Thanks!!
  2. Nice site, the flash isn't too slow. Good pix. Your "About the Studio" link dissapears when you go to the About Gene page.
  3. Ah... the "About the Studio" link is supposed to be hidden right now. The "about" page on the original site linked to what is now the "about gene" page. I found it somewhat confusing that the "about" page linked to the info on the original (now deceased) owner only, so I decided to split it into two section: studio and Gene. Thanks for that though, I need to update them all to hide that link until I get that page completed.
  4. Modern browsers are optimized for JavaScript. You can create lightweight fast loading slideshows that are better than flash (no annoying progress meter). And I can prove it to you.
    You can also add SEO friendly filenames and ALT attributes to each image. There is no reason to use Flash for slideshow anymore since we have JQuery and free slideshow scripts.
    Your site looks great, replace Flash with JavaScript slideshow and you can have it on any iPhone or iPad.
    Make it also fixed width (centered). Doesn't look too good on my 27' monitor.
  5. I can look at using a javascript gallery instead of flash, but frankly, the flash galleries integrated into lightroom are too easily added to my workflow to ignore.
    As far as javascript goes, I realize that modern browsers are optimized for it, but I can't ignore the fact that some people have manually disabled javascript for various reasons. I won't count them out simply because they are a minority.
    As far as the site not being centered, it should be on all browsers, regardless of the size of the monitor. What browser are you using? Are all pages showing up off-center, or just one in particular? On both of my monitors (22" and 19") and all of our various other monitors around the studio, it is fine.
    As far the "annoying progress meter" that is simply a design choice. I do have the ability to take it off.

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