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  1. I recently launched my website and would like to have your opinion of it. I wrestled with the number of photos per page, but in the end I settled down to the idea that the person viewing it would decide when enough is enough. Any comments will be welcomed, my site is: www.pictureperfectmoment.com
    I thank any and everyone for their response.....Craig
  2. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    First of all, you have some really nice stuff in the Portraits section. The others, except for the Senior Portraits, all need tightening up, it's fine to show fewer photos. For example, in the Fashion/Models section, the runway and step-and-repeat shots could be removed and you would have a better presentation.
    Second, the size changing is a little awkward. I realize this is always an issue when portrait and landscape photos are in the same gallery, but it doesn't feel good when it happens.

    Third, the music is unnecessary and, unless you have a license, not legal.
    Fourth, put your "About" section after the "Portfolio" section. Most people want to see what you photograph before reading about you.
    That's a start, I'm pretty critical. I love the splash page photo (Bronze...)
  3. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    I like the front page. That picture grabbed me. I would look further into your website if I were a prospect. Also you have many very good photos that you are displaying.
    BUT - you can cull several of the seemingly “repeat subject images”. There are several that can go. Fewer top class images are much better than quantity, just for the sake of quantity. I agree 100% with Jeff's comments in this regard.
    I also am very critical and also have worked as a proof reader: so I’ll make detailed comment concerning the “About” section. Firstly what appear to be errors are in my bold for emphasis:
    “There are two things that I have a passion for after God, family and country. One is photography. I got my first camera (Polaroid 104) at the age of 18. I've been doing photography ever since. I am an experienced wedding and portrait photographer. I also do models, baby and senior portraits. The second passion is editing and design of photos. I take a great deal of time [in this]*(delete) to ensure that the customer gets something a little out the box. If you are the customer who likes the traditional photo, I will oblige.
    My mission statement for Picture Perfect Moment is to take the time and the effort to make your photos all that they can be and to do the job in a timely fashion.”
    Having stated that, I would consider re-arranging the thoughts and make some minor changes to the words used, for the commentary to be more free-flowing, enthusiastic (add an adjective here and there) and an easier read.
    As one example:

    “I got my first camera (Polaroid 104) at the age of 18. I've been doing photography ever since.”

    Is easier to read; shorter; and is punchier, like this -
    “I got my first camera when I was 18 and I have been an avid photographer ever since.”
    I would state your passion for making and editing and designing photos, before the mention of ‘God, family and country’.
    And I would also state your experience before the mention of getting the first camera at 18 years of age (if you even need to mention that you got your first camera at 18 . . . I think it is better to mention when you first started work as a professional photographer. For an example, in my bio-page at Photonet, I state when I sold my first photograph, which is when I consider I translated to being ‘a professional photographer’ in that meaning of the word ‘professional’.)
    I suggest that you consider re-wording this sentence for a better precise meaning:

    “I also do models, baby and senior portraits”
    Perhaps something like this:
    “I also photograph baby and senior portraits and models' portfolios.”

    I also like your bio picture. Your eyes express sincerity.
    BUT clone out the left hand thumb and trim the right hand edge of the image so that there is NOT that 1mm of white border.

    In summary, don’t forget as well as keeping the main contents of the portfolio in good order: also keep reviewing and reviewing all the finer details – every element is important, from correct spelling to trimming the bio photo neatly.
  4. To Jeff and William, can't thank you guy's enough for your feedback. Most if not all your suggestion makes a lot of sense. I'm going to start making some corrections in the morning.
    Again thanks and have a blessed day.....Craig
  5. I like your portfolio. Some very nice pictures. I would work on some fashion shots with real impact. The ones on the site are nice but not WOW if you know what I mean. Think of who your market is and aim your shots to dazzle them. Fashion designers are edgy folks so they will want to see edgy pictures. Just an example.
    If the purpose of your site is to drive business to you then you have a great deal of work to do on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will want your home page to mention where you are and contain your desired search terms. Google seems to like a lot of text so you will probably want to put some there.
    I won't go into all of the details but consider this. You are essentially working the Raleigh market. Your site should target that market as well as Rolesville and other area towns and villages. To do that all of these locales should be mentioned on your site and best on the first page. See what I mean. If you did a search for "Raleigh Wedding Photographers" your site would never show up.
    So get with someone who truly understands SEO and let them go wild with your site. Getting on the first page of Google can be a life-changer. To do that you have to do very specific and very technical things. Look at the top three photographers on a Google search for "Raleigh Wedding Photographers". Their front pages are text rich and utilize the search terms you want your site to appear under. Now consider this....Raleigh-wedding-photography.com is available. If you want to get ahead of the competition which is better? The address of your site or that one? Right? If I were you I know how I would spend my next $10.00. Figure out how to get your main search term in the address.
    Best of luck with your photography.
  6. Can't thank you enough Rick. I see I have my work cut out for as far as the SEO i s concern. I do very little work on the fashion side. My push is to get bigger in the wedding and senior photos. For me I think this is more realistic. I'm going to start researching SEO and try to move on up. Thanks.......Craig
  7. I really couldn't get past the music. It's a horrible idea to have music auto-play. And if you MUST, it needs
    to remember that I turned it off so it doesn't start playing again every time I go to a new gallery.

    The music does not help your site in any way. The best case scenario is that somebody doesn't mind it; in
    all other cases it annoys people and many will immediately close your site rather than trying to find the off
  8. Mark you may have a good point, but I had to driving questions, when does a site have to many questions and should it have music. My conclusion was that it doesn't matter. If you don't want to hear the music you simply turn off the music. Has for the number of photos again it doesn't matter when you had enough, you just stop and move on to something else.. Thanks again for your opinion Mark

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