Woud the price of D70 drop after D70s is on the shelves?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by c_d|5, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. In Canada, aparently Nikon Canada no longer supplying Nikon D70 to
    dealers anymore. They told dealers to wait for the Nikon D70s. Will
    the price of a D70 drop after D70s is on the dealer's shelves? I am on
    a budget for a Nikon D70 right now, but wondering should I buy now or
    wait a bit later?
  2. I don't think so. The point here is, Nikon is operating such tight inventory control that
    most places will not have a single D70 to sell when the D70s comes out.

    Apple does this particularly well - it has the effect of not allowing the customer to choose
    between features and last-year's-model-at-this-year's-price, and it is now standard
    practice. Sucks when you want a discount though!
  3. There could be a slight dip in the secondhand prices though - if you can get any!
  4. As Nikon is going to release the firmware update to bring the D70 up to speed with the D70S, according to dpreview.com, there isn't much in the way of significant difference between the two cameras.

    The D70S seems to improve on the already-excellent battery life the D70 has, the D70S has a marginally bigger LCD screen in the back, and it has a provision for an honest-to-goodness wired release (this is the most important advantage the D70S has to me). If all other things are equal, sure - get the D70S - especially if you like using a cable or remote release! Otherwise, the D70 is fine if you are impatient. :)
  5. The D70, with 18-70 lens, is currently selling for $980 after rebate. This package was introduced at $1300.

    How much cheaper do you want it to be??
  6. I think he is meaning that he does not want to buy the camera now and see it's secondhand value POSSIBLY plummet when the D70s comes out.
  7. The price of a new D100 didn't drop much, so there you are, I doubt it.
  8. Please, buy a D70 now and start shooting. Sitting on a fence and waiting for your price isn't any fun. But, if your budget is REALLY tight, I can see your point of heming and hawing, a little bit. Heck, it looks like the price of the the D70s is going to be arounf $899.00. Do it when it becomes available.

  9. Well, my budget is very tight. But, I am ready to finance one on credit card. The thing is, most stores in Toronto don't have them in stock anymore. I don't want to get the D70s, because I am not sure if Nikon going to license their RAW. At this point, I am looking for either a used D100 or a new D70. Anybody know any stores that carries one in the Toronto area?
  10. After sitting on the fence for over two months trying to decide between the D70 or the Canon 20D I went with the D70. Call me crazy but it just felt better in my hands and that was the deciding factor. Don't wait for prices to drop. I happened to be at Best Buy with my son and was looking at the cameras and the typical 17 year old kid came over to "assist" me. I was pretty shocked though cause he knew a bit about photography. Anyway, I was pressed for cash and he threw out the sign up for 24 months no interest and just pay it off when you get the cash. That sold me. The camera was $1199.00 and you also got a $200.00 rebate. Went home and that Sunday the ad came out for Best Buy that they had a price drop of $100.00. I got a little miffed but the salesman told me if the price changes Best Buy will adjust my final price to it. Then, my Best Buy credit card came in the mail on Tuesday and with it included a extra 10% off for any purchase over $200.00 dollars. I took the ad and my coupon went back to the store and made them take the price drop and the coupon off of my final price.

    -200.00 Nikon Rebate
    -100.00 Price Drop
    -100.00 10% off for getting a new Best Buy card.

    Grand Total? I can live with that. But you know what? After using the D70 I would have paid $1,200.00 bucks for it. It is worth every penny.

  11. Western, I personally guarantee that you will like the D70. It is an unbelievable camera for the price. Get an SB800 for it and you are off to the races.
  12. CD, of all things in life to worry about, this silly fuss Adobe is making over Nikon's proprietary NEF format should be right at the bottom next to "getting a potbelly when I'm old" and "should I watch yet another spinoff from 'Law & Order'?"

    Here's my wild ass guess...

    Nikon doesn't need to blow out the D70 the same way it did with the D2H. The latter was a much more expensive and fairly specialized camera that appealed to a pretty limited group of pros and speed demons like me. So as this year's PMA approached and Nikon was considering the MSRP for the D2X and D2Hs they realized they had to clear out the remaining D2H stock.

    The D70 is a whole nuther critter. It's one of the most popular digital cameras of any kind to date, receiving an almost embarrassing number of accolades in the press. It even surpassed the D100 which was already a very popular dSLR. But the D70 is the camera that persuaded a lot of fence-sitters to pony up a few hundred more bucks and get a dSLR with access to a camera system rather than getting yet another incompetent, disappointing P&S digicam.

    That kind of popularity isn't going to vanish overnight. Nikon will have to make some kind of adjustment, but I suspect it will be in the form of keeping the D70s price on the high end of the scale rather than discounting the D70 too heavily right away.

    And don't be fooled by these discounters who claim they'll sell a D70 at a closeout price of $499 or a D70s for $799.99 right upon introduction. Generally speaking, Nikon doesn't work that way. If dealers want to stay on good terms with Nikon they need to stick pretty close to the minimum advertised price (MAP) set by the authorized distributor for a particular nation or region.

    You will fairly frequently see moderate discounts for grey market items (which I don't think is enough less to risk the hassles of possibly being disqualified for Nikon USA support, so I buy at the full pop, even tho' it costs a little more). And occasionally you'll see a price that is much lower than MSRP and doesn't appear to be either the currently official MAP or grey market price. I suspect - tho' I have no way to confirm this - that occasionally favored dealers get special prices on certain items that are either moving slowly or which have been cancelled/replaced/renamed/repainted.

    Long story short, buy what you want and can afford now. You'll never stay ahead. As soon as you buy, sure enough, within a month the price will drop enough that you could have bought another lens or a decent flash. And as soon as you get your mitts on the camera its value drops 50%. Them's the breaks.
  13. Tim,

    I bought the SB800 last Thursday! I am now wanting to get another flash (maybe the SB600) and start playing around with the wireless function.

    I am in love with this camera, I have already bought 2 Ultra II 1 gig cards and have been firing away, averaging around 100 shots a day. My second try with the D70 I took a few photos of a hailstorm, didn't think they were that good, went ahead and submitted them to the local paper and it made the front page. Like I said in my previous post I would have gladly paid $1,200.00 for this camera. It is awesome.

    I haven't been this excited about a camera since the Pentax ME Super came out. LOL


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