Worlds best film advance?

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  1. I'll put in another vote for the F3.
    But how about the worst? I've probably had the pleasure of using less than a dozen manual film slrs, but of those, I'd say the Leica R4 is the worst. I just ordered an R8 to hopefully remedy the situation.
  2. Interesting thread. I read through the first page, and I replied on the 4th page, but page 2 and 3 seem to be unobtainable.
  3. This post makes me sad since Tony, the OP, is no longer with us...what a wealth of knowledge and talent! But to answer his question (again, since I responded back then) from several years ago, I'd have to say that the Minolta XE-bodies have the smoothest film advance ever. It's ironic that you don't like the R4's film advance since it's based on the Minolta XD11, and I think that it has a pretty smooth film advance as well.
  4. Yes this is another "Frankenpost", and it is sad to see responses from many old timers who have left in one way or another.
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  5. It surprises me that, in a thread about film advance, nobody has mentioned any of the 'quirky' ones.

    I'm thinking of the Werra's rotating lens collar, and the Voigtlander Vitessa's giant plunger, but there must be others surely?

    The Werra collar was definitely not smooth, but could be operated with the camera to your face with no fear of a lever poking you in the eye.

    The Vitessa's plunger was actually pretty smooth.

    More conventionally, the early Canonet's underslung leverwind was very smooth in operation. As was the advance of a Retina IIIc.

    However, I think this is an area where comparisons are odious. 'Smoothness' is a very subjective parameter, and also depends strongly on the age and condition of the apparatus in question. With direct comparison between makes and models limited by availability, and quite possibly affected by individual rolls or cassettes of film.

    Plus there's the psychological factor of self-deceit. Who wouldn't imagine that their super-expensive Leica must be smoother in operation than a cheap little Chinon?
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