world´s largest collection of Canon F-1 bodies ( all series )

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  1. Hi,
    i have the world´s largest collection of Canon F-1 / F-1n /F-1 NEW / F-R / F-Rb bodies ( about 40 different ) included all known and unknown kinds and modificated and special body versions.
    also all 50/55/58mm R/FL/FD lenses compatible to the F-1 bodiy.
    some web links you can see down ( "collection of Detlef Prüfert ") :ückwändeückwände
    a list of my collection equipment see down.
    Canon F-1/n/NewCollection
    F-1 w/Prism finder/camera holder F2/Angle finder B
    programable Data back unit
    F-1 w/Power winder F/Waist level finder
    all in red wine leatherette covering
    F-1 “ HS MD “ version w/Battery case/Motordrive
    F-1 w/Prism finder/NPC Polaroid back old version
    F-1 w/Prism finder/NPC polaroid back new version
    F-1 w/Prism finder/NPC magnification polaroid back
    ………. MF-9 for use with SX-70 film pack
    F-1 “Montreal 1976“ w/Motordrive Unit/Battery pack D
    250 film chamber/film cassettes/film loader 250/
    Booster finder/battery pack/6V connector cable 2B
    F-1 U.S.NAVY version w/U.S.Navy engraved body and
    F-1 “U.S. Dept. of Defense” version with engravings
    Prism finder/Motordrive MF/connecting cord MF/
    F-1 “ Gold plated “ w/gold plated flash unit V3/
    F-1 “CPA” version /modified /called: CONCURRENT ………………..PHOTON AMPLIFICATION, CPA.
    F-1n w/Motordrive MF/Servo finder EE/Data back F/
    12 V connector cable 2 E/battery pack
    F-1n w/Prism finder and Speed Magny 45 back w/Polaroid ……….adapter
    F-1n w/Prism finder and Speed Magny 100 back w/Polaroid ……….adapter
    F-1n “Lake Placid 1980“w/Power winder F/Sport finder/
    F-1n “Police” version with complete “Multanova” VR 5F
    …………radar speed control unit with special tripod and flash,
    …………control unit and special modified 250 camera filback
    ………….with radar unit for the F-1.
    F-1n…”Radar”.version with special radar Photoback called:
    ………….”Fotonova” for use with usual 35mm film canisters
    F-1n “UW” version with Ikelite housing/UW flashhousing/
    sport finder
    F-1n ODF-1 version w/oliv drap neck strap and camera soft
    leather case /orig. Box w/Manual
    F-1n “U.S.Coastguard” with engravings
    F-1n “Pin registrated” version w/Prism finder and Oxberry …………Pro Copy F-2 back
    F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
    spezial “Chimney” finder/spezial Screen/Motordrive MF/
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PB ( for 1 polaroid photo)
    F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
    spezial “Chimney“ finder /spezial Screen/Motordrive MF/
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PC ( for 2 polaroid photos )
    F-R by Canon modified F-1n version for opthalmologie w/
    spezial “Chimney”finder/spezial Screen/Motordrive MF
    Canon Polaroid back CR-PC1 (for SX-70 polaroid film )
    F-Rb by Canon modified F-1 New version for opthalmologie
    w/spezial Power winder CR3-FN/spezial Screen/spezial
    “Chimney“ finder/optional Canon Polaroid Unit CR3-PC
    F-Rb by Canon modified F-1 New version for opthalmologie
    w/ spezial Screen/spezial Power winder CR4-FN/spezial
    magnification fiew finder CR4-DF ,with +/- 2 dioptrin
    F-1 New “US Government “ version”US GOVT
    PROPERTY” engraved ,partiell olive drap w/
    NPC spezial magnification Polaroid back MF-9 w/
    Polaroid camera Holder/ SX-70 film cassette /
    full format Polaroid cassette/Polaroid lens protector
    F-1 New “ Chrome plated &Pin registered version w/ ……………..AE finder/blue-green/ MRX Pin registered back ……………...made in Switzerland
    Snake imitate leatherette covering
    F-1 New “50th anniversary“version w/golden Canon F-1 letters
    and Medaille /orig. Box /certificate Papers/Manual/
    AE Finder/AE Motordrive FN/high power Ni-Cd pack
    F-1 New “ Los Angeles 1984 “ version w/FN finder /Canon
    F-1 New w/ AE Finder/AE Motordrive FN/high power
    Ni-Cd pack/grey snake leatherette covering all over
    F-1 New U.S. NAVY version w/Waist level finder FN-6X/
    Film chamber FN-100/AE Motordrive FN/Battery
    pack FN/film cassettes
    F-1 New “ Canadian Forces “ version w/AE Motordrive FN
    Sport Finder FN/Data Back FN/Ni-Cd pack/
    spezial all over “ cold weather cover “ pack in red ………………and black version
    F-1 New...”UW” version w/Power Winder FN/Sportfinder ………………FN and “Aquatica A3 C “ UW housing metall
    F-1 New w/NPC Forscher Pola back/mini tripod/FN finder
    F-1 New w/Speed Magny FN-100 studio Polaroid back
    F-1 New w/Speed Magny 45 back with plan film adapter
    F-1 New w/Speed Magny 100 FN back with polaroid ……………..adapter
    F-1 New HS MD version w/Battery Pack/connecting cable/
    Charger S-12/ 2 x Batteries /Manual/FN finder
    F-1 New “Pin registrated“version w/spezial Screen/ spezial
    film back from Double M industries/FN finde
    F-1 New “ Post “ version w/fixed ALOS 35/3,5 mm Lens/
    was used without finder from Switzerland Post
    and special ALOS Mono Blitz IV with funnel.
    F-1 New “ P “ version for Japanese Press photographers/
    AE Motordrive FN/Ni-Cd pack/ without film
    rewind botton/AE finder FN
    other F-1/n/N System parts
    F-1 &F-1 New different Books/camera straps/advertisement/
    Intervaltimer L/Flash coupler D/Flash coupler L/Selftimer E
    Battery tester MD/Remote switch MD/Finder iluminator F/
    Wireless controller LC 1/Macro Light ML-1/Flash coupler A2/B2/ Speedlites: 500A /102/ 133D /011A/J3/V3/480EG/533G
    577G /155A/166A/177A/188A/199A/Canon CR3-45NM unit
    to adapter the F-R/F-Rb camera bodies & Polaback CR3-PC
    and CR-PC2
    2 expolded displays from the F-1 New
    and 3 exploded displays from the F-1 old
    Canon FL/FD/R 50/55/58 mm lenses :
    FL 50 mm 3,5 macro / FL 50 mm 1,4 / FL 50 mm 1,8 /
    FL 55 mm 1,2 / FD 50 mm 3,5 macro SSC /
    FD 50 mm 1,8 SC / FD 50 mm 1,2
    FD 50 mm 1,4 U.S.Navy / FD 50 mm 1,4/
    FD 50 mm 1,4 SSC / FD 50 mm 1,2 L / FD 50 mm 2,0 /
    FD 55mm 1,2 S.S.C Aspherical
    FD 55mm 1,2 AL SSC
    FD 55mm 1,2 AL
    FD 50 mm 1,8 / FD 50 mm 1,4 U.S. Navy chrome /
    FD 50 mm 1,4 chrome / FD 50 mm 1,8 chrome
    FD 50 mm 3,5 macro / FD 55 mm 1,2 SSC /
    R 58mm 1,2, FL 58mm 1,2 , R 50mm 1,8
    please mail me if someone is interested on this collection !!!!
    Detlef from Germany
  2. Detlef,
    Ausgezeihnet! Really amazing collection. I hope you have time to use at least some of them.
    Grusse aus Norden, K.
  3. Just like me. Overloaded with equipment but never takes any photos.
  4. And I thought I was going some with four F1s! :)
  5. What can I say, sometimes we go overboard. :|
  6. Your collection brings memories. I had an opportunity to purchase a new OD F-1n back in 1981. I was in Japan visiting relatives and was shopping in a local department store. In the camera department, they had an OD F-1n on display. I remember at the exchange rate back then, it would have cost me $400, the same price as a new regular F-1n back in the US. But of course, I would have had to add customs duties to that which would have bumped the price (100%?). Customs had just started cracking down recently on overseas camera purchases. I remember I had to actually register my EF and FT bodies and lenses (including serial #s) at LAX when leaving the US. I had enough money to buy the OD F-1n but not pay the customs duty so I sadly had to decline buying the camera. I regret it to this day...
  7. Detlef, your collection is excellent- and enviable! Is there a story behind your fascination with the F-1, and what
    models might you still be lacking? I noticed that you also have all three versions of the Aspherical FD 55/1.2, that is cool by itself!

    The Olive Drab F-1, Canon High Speed Motor Drive Camera (not officially called "F-1"), and its high speed New F-1
    successor- those are ones I'd like to enjoy someday! The customized, chromed, dayglo snakeskinned versions,
    mmmmmm...not so much! If ever I were to personalize something it might be refinishing a lens to match an ODF-1 body, black lenses on olive never looked quite right to me.
  8. Wow, that is an amazing collection. And there was me thinking I'd gone well OTT when I'd collected one of each A-series
    as one of 13 FD bodies I had. Clearly that 's not even the beginnings of a collection!!!
  9. Ohhhhh, my God.....
  10. Giving you GAS, Fred? Not surprising, seeing as how F-1 could be short for a moniker of yours.
  11. GAS has always been a problem for me. Show me some gear I don't have (yet) and I get itchy fingers. Looking at this has been painful, in that there is NO WAY I could acquire even a tenth of what is shown here. And really, I shouldn't even try. Detlef stands alone in what he has accomplished.
  12. Yes, he's done it, so now you don't have to!
  13. hi anyone !!!!!!
    i seek a new owner for this collection. If possible complete.
    i collect about 40 years to complete it still today !!!!!
    i get 60 years next year and have nobody in my family who is interested in this collection.
    i only want the money i self invested to get it !!!!!!
    please mail me if you are interested or if you have a investor!!!!
    this collection is too unique, to sell it as part for part !!!!!
    thanks Detlef
  14. i seek a new owner for this collection. If possible complete.​
    I am curious to know whether you have considered / investigated selling your collection through Westlicht, which would on the face of it be a natural place to attempt to sell your collection as a whole. Is there a reason not to do that?
    (Aus reinem Neugier würde es mir interessieren, ob Sie daran gedacht haben, Ihre Sammlung durch Westlich versteigern zu lassen: man hätte gedacht, dass das ein natürlicher Verkaufsort für eine solche (ganze) Sammlung als ganze. Spricht 'was dagegen?)
  15. I would love to see Canon Japan acquire your collection, as a corporate monument to lasting quality and the great
    enthusiasm of its customers!
  16. I would love to see Canon Japan acquire your collection, as a corporate monument to lasting quality and the great enthusiasm of its customers!​
    I would prefer it to be Canon UK! But I share the sentiment.
  17. Well Detlef, when you get discouraged, please do contact me here or on the Yahoo group about your Speedlite 500A outfit. I would definitely like to buy that. I already have too many F-1s, not as many as you have, but all the Olympic versions, plus the 3 main versions. and some backups / spares.
  18. Detlef, contact Westlicht if you want to sell the entire lot.
  19. Jeff Livacich , Nov 05, 2012; 05:04 a.m.
    Giving you GAS, Fred? Not surprising, seeing as how F-1 could be short for a moniker of yours.​
    I just got this! :)
  20. Hi,
    westlicht is not interested to this unique collection ???!!!
    also Canon Japan !!!!!
    whyever !!!!!!!
    so i seek a new owner still on this way !!!!!!
    i get some more protyps and modifactions the last year !!!!
    the youngest ia a modificated Canon F-1 250 bulk film chamber by " Epsilon industries " Bredford Mass.
    never seen before !!!!
    i will take a photo in the forum !!!!! when i get it !!!!!
    if you are interested in my collection please contact me under :
    regards Detlef

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