Working on Birds: The Sequel

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  1. I was doing my neighborhood citizen patrolling this afternoon and came upon this crime scene. Fortunately I had brought the DA*300mm & Tamron 1.4x TC with me. I stayed in the car and was able to get within 70 feet or so. It was a heavily overcast day, though so again, I was shooting high iso. A fair amount of pp went into all of these--all quite different challenges.
  2. A USPS truck spooked him into a tree.
  3. Another view of the perp.
  4. Return to the scene of the crime.
  5. Hah! Great capture by Detective Dave! Those are pretty darn good shots Dave, for spur of the moment. I think you did a great job! Will these be posted on America's most wanted later?
  6. Dave,
    Very impressive, and I like how you made this opportunity by being in the right place with the right tools. The third shot is very nicely detailed with the background rendering quite artful. I would think your local Audubon chapter may be interested in a couple of those to tell a winter story.
    I think you're onto something here, keep at it and share.
  7. Nicely done, Dave. I think the Dept. of Homeland Security might be interested in talking to you. But I do agree with Michael, that third one is excellent.
  8. Thanks Haig & Michael. If only I had had just a bit more light &/or had brought the 400mm (but that's not a lens you take out for casual use.) Yeah, I guess these aren't too bad given the circumstances but this was virtually point blank range. My take away is that getting close is essential--but not everything and I've given myself a dope-slap for the shutter speed: 1/400s would have been sufficient and generated less noise.
    I agree about the third shot, Michael--that beech tree not only provides an interesting context but provides a 'rule of thirds' structure to the photo. On the other hand, with the chain-link background, the first and last might be classified as "street shot birds."
  9. Nominated for Police Academy Award 2010!
  10. Very nice!
    I still haven't shot anything I consider more than a test with my 55-300. I need to get out there and do it!
  11. f/5.6, 1/800s, iso=4000​
    Exactly how much coffee are you consuming, Dave!?!?!? :-D
    There's nothing I hate more than photographing birds on an overcast day. OK, maybe a few things, but it does suck. The photos in the tree would have been so nice with a blue sky... But you did a good job, and at least the SPD (Squirrel Police Dept.) now have evidence of who killed Sprinkles.
  12. Exactly how much coffee are you consuming, Dave!?!?!? :-D​
    A lot (as always) but why do you ask?
    Someone asked my father, who is also a coffee addict, "But doesn't it keep you awake?" to which he shrugged, "It helps."
  13. Dave, I agree with the rest in the 3rd shot. Very nicely done and one of your best bird shots. Actually the 4th shot would be even better if it were not for the fence and slightly blown ground.
    Nice work there Detective Dave, great that you were prepared. Now hand this stuff over to the CSI guys and go do some more surveillance, Woody is still breaking into the birch tree somewhere....

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