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  1. stunning!
  2. Hmm - lost saturation after upload. Would embedding sRGB rather than Adobe RGB be a better choice?
  3. Yes - web pics must as a rule always be sRGB
  4. D-70,18-70
  5. D-70, 18-70
  6. Another dead tree
  7. A well known tree in our neck of the woods.
  8. Apple tree
  9. Oregon beach
  10. sRGB? I'm lost! Again! Aren't all JPG's the same? I mean, are there sRGB and RGB JPG's?
  11. [​IMG]
    Age vs. Youth - Fort Casey, Whidbey Island, WA
  12. UV take with D40 unmodified + 105mm UV Tochigi Nikon [​IMG]
  13. Twould appear to be, at least, over sharpened - wild effect from that lens Waldemar!

    PS: Does Kitchener still participate in the annual summer sport festival with Saginaw,MI? - I was on many a losing
    volleyball and track team, back in the day.
  14. Here is an amazing tree. My initials along with someone special are carved in there among a thousand others.

  15. Hi Eric, Kitchener - Saginaw,MI have strong connection at municipal level for long time. We used to play high school sports together between our cities and this tradition still continues. As a hokey fan I always enjoy OHL games between Kitchener Rangers and Saginaw Spirit. Always fool arena and healthy action. UV only spectrum picture was not sharpened. I used just default camera sharpening. Most of times using dedicated UV lens pictures have “sharper” look then multi spectrum take. Of course post processing can mace big difference. [​IMG] Again, UV take with D40 unmodified + 105mm UV Tochigi Nikon
  16. Big Trees State Park, CA
  17. Ric - "Your" tree looks remakably similar to one in the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia into which, coincidently, my wife wanted me to carve our initials also. Couldn't be the same beech tree?
  18. Waldemar - I'm glad to hear that the long-standing ties between Kitchener and Saginaw are still alive. I participated in the so-called Can-American Games for four or five summers of my youth; every other year we travel to Canada. Your young athletes were remarkably strong, considering they come from a community that paints it's barn roofs pink:) (Just joking of course - thank you for sharing your images). Later in life I traveled to Southern Ontario frequently to hang out at Rattlesnake Point, Lion's Head, Cow Crag, Harrison Rock, etc - your mosquitos are very fond of my blood. I grew to love Ontario and I miss it today. Anyway - thanks for the update. Here is my contribution - I believe that I used my Nikon 200mm f8 M for this shot, although I can't be sure because it's a sunrise shot, and I was only half awake. If it wasn't the NIkon then the it was Rodenstock 150mm APO S - but I used a Nikon cable release.
  19. Edwin, that tree is in the rear of the expansive property of the St.Ignatius Retreat House in Manhasset, Long Island, NY.

    The tree is one of the most interesting and beautiful that i've encountered. You have to "open the curtain" to enter as it's
    leaves meet the ground all the way around. All of those roots are from the one tree.

    There are many great trees here and shots that do them justice. Nice composition in your image Edwin.
  20. Ric, your shots really capture the magic of those giant trees - I particularly like #2. Unfortunately, I have a vague memory of the similar Morris Arboretum beech being hit by lightning and subsequently dying.
  21. Eric – Great to hear from you. I myself travel though Michigan on my way to Chicago quiet often passing Saginaw just below on I 69. Area around Detroit, Lansing and Flint is very industrialized but northern parts of Michigan are great. ( just listen what Kid Rock has to say about it in his new song). Where are you presently located? It seems you are missing all the fun of our northern climate. [​IMG] Taken with UV spectrum of light only, with D40 + 105mm UV lens with 2" Baader Venus filter.
  22. Wow - beautiful shot! What do the prints look like? What is a Baader Venus Filter??
  23. Baader Venus filter completely cuts visible and infrared spectrum of light and lets pass though only UV radiation. UV junkies like me have few of them to choose from but Baader Venus so far beats them all with UV transmission and unmatched ability to completely cut unwanted parts of spectrum. It’s produced by BAADER PLANETARIUM in Gremany. [​IMG] Dandelions, UV take with D40 unmodified + 105mm UV Tochigi Nikon
  24. .. [​IMG] Dandelions, UV take with D40 unmodified + 105mm UV Tochigi Nikon
  25. here's one from northern california

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