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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by edwin_barkdoll, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Scarecrow on a wire
  2. Edwin, Is that what you meant by W/NW? I saw your post and your picture this morning and I was wondering what the W/WN was. I was even looking on my lenses to see if there was anything like that. :) You've been posting these threads for a while now and i like it. I also think we should have a Photo critique category in the Nikon forum for Nikon shooters to talk about since we are familiar with our own equipment! Shun... Lex ... what do you think? Bad idea? Just a thought! Rene'
  3. Okay, this is more in the "Keep Out" vein, not the crow vein.
  4. Hey folks!! Cool shots. Why not a li'l bit of EXIF data and brief notes? Would be very helpful in clearing some misconceptions about lenses and bettering technique.
  5. Here is another, gentler version of "keep out." (Nikon D50, 18-200 mm VR, 1/250 sec at f/8.0. ISO 200
  6. A tech glitch ha prevented me from uploading the file -- here is another attempt
  7. Had a problem with the site posting a photo (never my fault), I'll try again.
  8. *-*
  9. Coyotes Keep Out
  10. Mine has better color. Kent in SD
  11. Kent I'm not a rancher but I have a friend who is and I ran across this scene when visiting him. I understand that many believe that Texas Coyotes are smart enough to get the intended message. What about in SD?
  12. Rene, the "No Words" concept dates back at least to origins on the Leica Forum on photo.net and possibly earlier on the web, I don't recall precisely.

    The concept was to have a conversation in photographs without worrying about critiques or the possible consequences of opinions about the photos. Later the concept morphed into a "some words okay" variation, as long as everyone played nice.

    Equipment-specific NW/W threads began appearing on other forums. The Nikon Forum still has sections for both photo critiques and NW/W threads. So, technically, they're still okay here. But a few years ago a "No Words" forum was created to accommodate this particular pursuit, which has become enormously popular as a fun alternative to the sometimes stressful critique option.

    Some folks believe the type of equipment used is relevant to these photos but, frankly, I don't see how. By the time a photo is edited and compressed it hardly matters. In my opinion it's really more a conversation, a communal experience, and the content is more important than the equipment used. But if folks want to specify the equipment used, many enjoy seeing that information.
  13. And since my own addition to the earlier thread on this theme seems to have vanished, here's my contribution. Occasionally, fishermen will decorate the fences near a fishing camp not far from my former rural home with enormous catfish carcasses.
  14. Sorry about the clones earlier. I kept getting an error while trying to post. After the third try I gave up and went to work.
  15. They're just dogs.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. @Curtis--

    I think the guys are just showing their neighbors. Funny thing is the neighbors are about five miles apart in this county. Makes for an interesting drive in the country, anyway.

    Kent in SD

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