Wordpress gurus, my new website & feedback on a couple of points?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by drjoder, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. I finally got my Wordpress blog/website going over this past week:
    Any and all feedback is welcome (I am quite thick-skinned, so lay it on). Here are a few specific issues I have:
    1) When you arrow through the images in the gallery (NexGen plug-in), the images "jump" and you have to reposition the cursor to click the arrow again.
    2) Can I make a black background for my gallery images?
    3) Folks can easily copy any image (max size on a side is 800 pixels)...is this an issue? Would you watermark, or go for blocking the copy function?
    Any other ideas/suggestions?
    Thanks for your input!
    P.S. I am NOT very smart about building websites and know nothing about code except how to cut and paste it!
  2. Oh, and #4) The Comments section after the Blog entry does weird things...a commenter can't see their name and e-mail being entered in the boxes until after they start writing their comment...Can't figure that out either!
  3. Thanks for sharing. I like the Website. I never got around converting my Website to Wordpress for a variety of reasons, but yours is a nice job well done. As for the issues, I wouldn't worry about images if you put up Web versions. People will steal them no matter how much you try to disguise the image filename. With some effort it's relatively easy to download a copy of the original from the Website.
  4. Thanks for looking, Scott. Yeah, they aren't high resolution images and I seriously doubt I am yet on anyone's radar to have my images stolen!
  5. When you want to sell files, download the plug-in 'sell media'. For SEO, Yoast plug-in. Genesis is a good framework, I heard, but you buy it for $69.95. To have a unique theme, you can buy premium themes on wordpress or themeforest, creativemarket, themify, etc. and then customize on your own or hire a web designer.
    I suggest you put watermark. People steal, and what I hate most is when they put your image as part of their portfolio. It is flattering, but it's not really good, isn't it?
    Your work is good.

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