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  1. Recovering from a stinking cold I was photographing out of my window at my bird feeder. I had filled the log with my own style peanut butter/fat/seed mixture and it wasn't long before these showed up. The first is a Red-bellied Woodpecker, the second is Downy Woodpecker.

  2. paul ron

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    mating dance of the yellow shafted flicker

  3. SCL


  4. In central Texas, we have Golden-Fronted Woodpeckers. DSC_3461.jpg
  5. woodpecker(?) gorget
    circa 1250 CE
  6. ShunCheung

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    One of my favorites during a trip to Costa Rica last year (2017)

  7. Excellent Shun. I’m going to have get down to Costa Rica sometime.
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    For those who enjoy bird photography, Costa Rica is an excellent destination since it is located in a narrow area connecting North and South America, a lot of migrating birds need to fly through the land in that narrow area. Hence its concentration of birds.

    There are also diverse areas inside Costa Rica. The lowland on the Caribbean side is very tropical and you can find a lot of parrots, etc. The cloud forests have their own species. I found those acorn woodpeckers in the highlands in Costa Rica, but we have them here in California also.

    Last year we went with a photography group that visited various regions.
  9. Male Downy Woodpecker. D3

  10. Shot through the window screen, so its a little "grainy." 20181202_3816.jpg
  11. All these Pileated Woodpeckers. I’m jealous, I’ve seen them in the yard twice in 18 years. I’d love to get a nice picture of one.
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    If you blow up a small image to extremes, couldn't you get a 'Pixellated' woodpecker ?

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  13. Groan. Keep taking the pills. :D
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    This is another one of my favorite woodpecker images, captured in July 2016, in Big Sur on the Central California Coast.

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  15. Not bad Shun. I'll raise you with a Red-headed Woodpecker from my window.:D


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