Woo hoo, 67º F today - have you got out recently?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by JDMvW, Mar 8, 2021.

  1. It was top-down weather today so I went to the Campus Lake to see if I still remembered how to use my Canon EOS 5Dii.

    Here is the
    The Last Leaf of Winter
  2. I was happy it was sunny and hit 50 F. I sat outside and suntanned for half hour. Still over 2 feet of snow here. I also took this with the used Mamiya 50mm f4 Shift that I just got, on my 5DSR. Three images stitched. I still don't even have an adapter yet for it and while I do get infinity focus it is not placed at the right lens/sensor distance yet.

    View attachment 5DSR6066_69_74.jpg
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  3. Wow! Beautiful shot John. Who needs a stinking adapter when you can pull a shot like this one!
  4. It feels great to open the front door to see if Amazon left you a package and not get hit by a blast of winter air.
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  5. I took the 5Diii out today, but I'll save those pics for EOS Thursday.

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