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  1. I am trying to setup my own personal website for my business has any one use Wix.com it seems the website has some good things about them and it is easy to use. I want to know if it is reliable for a photographer website or is their any other website out there that work well for my taste.
  2. I am in the process of trying to setup my own personal website up too. This is not answering your original question, but here's another similar kind of user friendly / easily created system if you don't already know about ~ (link) Carbonmade.
  3. I used to love wix.com. Still do, but it's not for me anymore. I made several types of sites from virtual fashion, to business sites with a shopping cart. I haven't used it in several months, but from what I hear they've made a vast amount of improvement (now you can edit html, etc.).
    It's very simple to say the least. There are forums with a ton of information on "how to's" and the basics of setting up the site. But if you're wanting to do a proofing gallery, get an additional proofing gallery from a 3rd party site. Then I would make a link to that 3rd party proofing site from within the "Wix" setup/links that you make.
    Another thing that I had an issue with were "galleries". At the time it was a pain to do a copacetic gallery. But like I said earlier, now it seems that they've made a great deal of changes, so it can look great.
    The potential for a beautiful site from wix is very possible, as they have a plethora of templates that you can edit to make it "your own". The company has been around for a couple of years now, so they're still growing.
    I wish you the best of luck! :)

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