Within 30 minutes to home...train, plane, automobile...

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  1. In the back Garden as of 2003, the pots not on the fountain anymore.
  2. city-college-windshield_1789-w.jpg
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  3. Actually within ten minutes from my home...

  4. instead of car dealers on the outskirts...
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  5. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    15 minutes by car + 5 minute walk.
  6. Not very inviting right now, but only a 10 minute walk. 0274-within 5 minutes.jpg
  7. 10 minutes to nearest metro rail station.

  8. 30 minutes walking to El Retiro Park
    0001a Escalera Subida Retiro Garita Entrada Caseta Guarda-SAF15-30EXDG.jpg Sigma AF 15-30 EX DG (15)
  9. Thax3_web0.jpg
    Thaxted - 30 mins if driving briskly
  10. Lichfield city, 30 mins from home. 30 mins from home-web.jpg
  11. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    About 20 minutes walk from my house
    (description on Flickr)
    [​IMG]Harlaw2 021 copy by Ken, on Flickr
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  12. Trooper Snow Drive.jpg Within 2 Minutes.....
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