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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by Aoresteen, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. While I was deployed to Iraq I bought a couple of Wista 6x9 roll backs to use with my Cambo 23SF. Now that I'm
    back, I tried using them today and discovered that they will not lock into place on my Cambo 23SF. My Horseman
    backs work just fine. I am a bit surprised to find that the backs will not lock down.

    Anyone using the Wista backs with a 6x9 view? Ideas?

  2. The Wista 69 roll backs for 23 are designed to only fit the Wista Shift Back accessory for their 45 cameras. They are not
    Graflex compatible so they would not fit your Cambo. Both these roll backs and the Shift Adapter have been out of
    production for several years. Hope you did not invest too much.
  3. Thanks Bob!

    Rats! Well, I can always look for the shift back and sell them as a set.

  4. As far as we know the 1 or 2 shift backs that we still have in stock are the only ones left. They have been out of production
    for several years.
  5. Guess I was wrong, we have 3 of the 214529 Wista QR sliding backs for the 45 cameras in stock. These are the backs
    that your roll film backs fit and lets one shift from groundglass to roll film. These QR backs have a list price of $225.00 and
    have been in stock for at least 7 years at our warehouse and before that for a few years at the former Wista distributor's

    They fit on the Wista Technical cameras, the RF, SP and the discontinued VX.
  6. After reading this I was curious about what the Wista 6x9 holder would fit, other than the shift back for the Wista 4x5 models. While it won't correctly attach to either my Crown Graphic 23 or my Graflex XLs, it does appear to work with my Horseman VH, though I haven't checked for light leaks.

    The sliding backs that Bob mentions for the Wista 4x5s are a joy to use when compared to the normal operation of swapping in a 4x5 120 rollholder for the GG panel every time you compose or recompose a shot. Horseman made a rotating back for the VH? series that provides similar functionality; perhaps these rotating backs fit other Horseman models. In both cases to fit these special rollholder backs requires removal of the standard international G assembly (Wista 4x5, or Horseman 6x9) so field swapping is cumbersome. It is more practical to go out knowing you will be doing either 4x5 or 120 work.
  7. If anyone is interested in these backs please PM me.

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