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  1. Hello,
    I'm currently searching for an affordable Wista 45 (metal body) and have doubts about some of their specs as there are different models around (SP, VX, N, D...) Precisely, I'd like to know which of these models has no rotating back.
    I've asked two sellers questions about their brown metal Wistas and both answered that their camera had non rotating back. Does that mean that there is no way of taking pictures in both portrait and landscape mode?
    Is it possible to identify in pictures if a back has rotating capabilities or not?
    Thank you very much in advance for the answer
  2. The wood models do not have a revolving back. The later metal models do have one.
    The metal models are black not brown but a very old one might have a brown covering. N and D are ancient. SP, VX anf RF are later models, SP and RF are current models.
  3. Thanks for your answer Bob,
    I'm actually seeking these brown metal Wistas (not the wooden ones). I reckon they are the same model as the black 45-N ones but somehow, I asked two sellers about their backs and said they were non revolving. That surprised me. Does it mean you can only take landscape mode pictures with this camera?
  4. No, it means that you can take the back off, rotate it 90° and put it back on.
  5. Alright. Understood. Thank you very much, Bob.
  6. I own a brown model N, and it has a rotating back. It is a fine camera that has every movement that I need (and more) for
    field use. If you want a lens that does not need to be removed to fold the camera, a 135mm Rodenstock f:5.6 Sironon
    works well. I prefer the movements of the Wista over my previous Linhof Technika IV.
  7. Thank you Glenn, these are good news. It's your camera similar to the one in the pictures? It should be a 45N model.

  8. Yes, it looks the same, although from the discussion, it appears that some have rotating backs and some do not. Mine has both the "wood" finish and a rotating back. It's a fine camera, although the finish reminds me of the "woody" station wagon in National Lampoon's Vacation movie.
  9. Hi guys
    just here dropping a line to inform you that the camera arrived. It has a revolving back (despite the seller had told me the opposite) and looks very well built. I'm out now to take some test pictures.
    Thanks for the advices!

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