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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by 35mmdelux, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Hello all:

    Can someone ballpark current used price for Wisner Traditional used, 9+ cond.
    Looks to be couple years old and lightly used. I believe they cost about $1550
    new. Cannot find price on the large auction site.

    Thanks - Paul
  2. Nobody will buy them because of the world class poor service from Ron Wisner. Will not provide repair parts. Sells custom made defective cameras new, promises repairs that never happen, never answers e-mail.

    Nice camera if it never breaks. Richard Ritter, large4mat.com could do minor repairs. Google his name to get the exact address.
  3. Ronald Moravec has it right. Most of the 8x10 Traditionals were pretty good, and a good buy. The other cameras, large and small, are so inconsistent in quality that it is foolish to get one. For a 4x5, if I could not come up with $1500 for an Ebony, I would prefer an Osaka or Tachihara to a Wisner.
  4. Correction, Richard's website is www.lg4mat.net. BTW he can do major as well as minor
    repairs to Wisner and other cameras. Richard is also a camera builder.
  5. Might as well stop bashing Wisner's service; he's out of the camera business and working in a non-photographic field. Apparently decided not to start up the business again.

    And many cameras no longer have service by their creators, Korona, Kodak, Deardorff, Century, and so on. If you think it's a good camera, buy it. Fixing minor problems is a hassle but not rocket science.

    Usually 50-60% is typical



  6. Thank you.
  7. Deardorff cameras were sold to a Japanese company and then it decided not to build them.

    I didn't know LF Deardorff, but I did know Merle, John, and his son Jack. Merle and John are deceased but my long time friend Jack was alive and well when last I talked to him a few months ago. Jack re'started the busines but due to the sale he can't use the old family name. He still makes his standard cameras and does repairs on the original Deardorff's.

    Call Jack at (219)464 9748

  8. Lynn,

    I don't think Jack will answer, RIP Jack Deardorff.


  9. A brand new Chamonix 45 will cost you less than 700 bucks. Gorgeous build quality, less
    than 3lbs and very rigid.

    I had a 4x5 trad, it's a lovely camera, traded it in for a Technikarden. Then when I missed
    having a field camera I found a used Gandolfi Variant.

    The Gandolfi is heavy, but it's made of MDF. I was worried about maintaining the solid wood
    of the Traditional.

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