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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by alastair_anderson, May 30, 2011.

  1. It's a year since my D3 was stolen and I'm ready to jump back into the water. After some thought I've come to the conclusion that I'd prefer a DSLR to a Leica M9 (irrespective of cost).
    The D3s is more or less what I'm looking for. I want an FX camera with a 100% viewfinder and for me video is a big plus.
    But here are some features that the D3s doesn't have.
    1. I'd prefer a smaller body. I realise that there's a conflict here with the 100% finder which for me is not negotiable. But if it's possible...
    2. I'd like a sensor that allows a slower base ISO (and higher resolution than the D3 and D3s). Obviously I have no complaints at the high end and I guess I wouldn't want to lose that, so I'd be happy to stick with the D3S sensor if the ISO range can't be stretched.
    3. I would prefer a storage medium that allows a quicker download time.
    4. It would be nice to have a more comprehensive range of autofocus points.
    5. I'm not mad about the big yellow strap.
    What 'improvements' would you like to see?
  2. The D700 replacement might be right up your alley.
    But, we don't know for sure just yet.
    My improvement list looks like this:
    300/2.8 G-VR
    Another FX body (waiting for D700 replacement).
  3. I'm sure the D700 replacement will meet all those if you can hold on a while.
  4. i got the D3s because of the uncertainty of a replacement. but it's too big for casual/walkaround use. i dunno, i kind of think you are describing the d7000, except for the FX requirement. in any event, you can always switch out the strap.
    my wish list:
    85/1.4 EX HSM (yup, i said it)
    17-35/2.8 AF-S
    20/1.8 EX
    58/1.4 MF
    40/2 MF
    since it's a wish list:
    300/2.8 AF-S
    24/1.4 G
    35/1.4 G
    8-16 DX
  5. I have a D200 and it seems fine to me. I do not have any wishes I guess about camera's. I would like it if I did not have a flat tire on my bicycle for the rest of the year. That would be pretty cool. I hate it when I get up to go to work and the bike has a flat. It makes it hard to get to work on time. I think my wife would wish for warmer weather so that her garden would start growing.
  6. Addressing the card and download time; the fastest cards are Compact Flash (CF). I just bought an 8gb Delkin "Cambat" Flash card for my new D300s, rated at 625x speed, 91mb CDMA transfer rate, and I'm amazed how fast it is. I also use a Firewire 800 CDMA card reader to my MacBook Pro and downloading is also very fast. With the new Thunderbolt just coming out, transfer speeds will get much faster.
  7. I think you want a Canon 5D Mark II. Don't shoot me. (I don't know if it has 100 percent VF though. Otherwise it meets your specs I think.)
  8. Some thoughts;
    • At first I also missed the slower base ISO but after a couple of years I`ve found I can live with it. A neutral 8x grey filter do the work.
    • About the 100% viewfinder... it`d be great. They can remove the toy flash from the D700 and attach that viewfinder. Or if they are silly with smaller viewfinders, please put a good, built-in remote triggering system instead.
    • Agree with Michael. There are downloading systems that work like a charm. I jumped from downloading directly from the camera to a dedicated card reader, and the speed is surprising. Less than one second per full RAW, wich is a huge improvement to me.
    • I want original focusing screen options; like it was in the past.
    • Agree with the strap thing; I hate to have all that stricking characters on the straps. Just for this reason, I never use them. I don`t even unwrap them since the F3, thought.
    And much more things...
  9. Alastair,
    If I'd be in your shoes I'd get now D7000 (o, yeah... is not FX but is a very good and portable camera) with a few good primes like:
    50/1.8 AF-S G
    85/1.4 (my fave is Sigma...)
    and I'd enjoy using this stuff 'till D700 replacement would be on the market. Then you can decide if selling D7000 or keeping as a secondary lightweight camera.
  10. 200-400 f.4 is what I would love to have.
  11. Some interesting responses here, thanks guys. 'Wish list' was perhaps not the best title for the thread because my intention was to encourage a discussion of camera features rather than to elicit lists of lenses etc.
    ross b, have you not considered filling your tyres with foam? I used to get lots of punctures but they stopped altogether after that.
    Vince Passaro, I still have some Nikkors that weren't in the camera bag at the time the D3 was stolen so I'm not keen to switch to Canon. I prefer Nikons to Canons anyway. (I once used an EOS 5) In any event I don't think I'd be happy with the 5D Mark II autofocus system and as you say it doesn't have a 100% finder.
    I can certainly wait for a D700 upgrade but would be very surprised if it has a 100% finder.
  12. @ Jose Angel...
    I agree about the D700 flash. If Nikon could go to a 100% finder with interchangeable screens and maybe a touch more diopter adjustment, I would be glad to say goodbye to the flash. If I expect the need for a touch of fill (all the D700 flash is really good for), I'll stick an SB400 in my pocket, thank you.
  13. Well it would be remarkable to have a small FX camera with 100 percent viewfinder. And video. And both hi res and great super low light performance. You could sign me up for all that.
  14. I have a D300 and D700, still waiting on the the replacement on the D3s and D700. The 100% viewfinder will be great. My wish list for lense are:
    600mm/AF-S VRII f4.0
    105mm/AF-S VRII f2.8
    85mm/AF-S VRII f1.4
    14-24mm/AF-S f2.8
  15. My wishlist as of right now is...
    D800 + grip
    24-120mm VRII f4
    14-24mm f2.8
    200mm Micro f4
    another SB-700
    and a P7000 for everyday fun use.
    As far as current cameras features that I would like to have changed or upgraded, I would say that I would like the D7000 features and body size with the D3s viewfinder, about 7-9 fps and an FX sensor for even better noise control and wide angle possibilities. I would be exceptionally happy with that camera, and I'm hoping that's what the D800 will offer + more.

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