Wisconsin location suggestions in late October

Discussion in 'Nature' started by greglyon, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. On Thursday (October 27th) My family and I will be taking a driving trip from Minneapolis to just Gurnee IL (Gurnee is between Milwaukee and Chicago). We are planning to take a couple days to return to Minneapolis and I am interested in Landscape opportunities for our return trip.
    So, the question: Where would you go in central/southern Wisconsin this week for landscape photo opportunities?
    My two thoughts so far are to focus on Mill Bluffs State park/Juneau County or along hwy 35 near Lacrosse somewhere, but I'm open to suggestions...
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Just about anywhere in the Baraboo range, Devils Lake state park, North Freedom, along the Baraboo and the Wisconsin rivers. I think you will fine something to photograph along the way, Good luck and happy hunting.
  3. Sorry about the large size, lets try that again ...
  4. One more...
  5. I like the Kickapoo Valley area -- Wildcat Mt. State Park -- Drive from Gays Mills to Mississippi River (forgot the road) is tough to beat. Then follow river north back to Minnneapolis. This is probably the last week that there will still be a lot of leaves left on the trees.
  6. I agree with everyone's locations. I would also suggest Wisconsin Dells. And, it's out of your way, but the best location in the entire state, IMHO: Door County!!
  7. Cameron, I hope you are kidding about Door County! Door county was kitschified about ten years ago by rich Chicago people who built ticky-tacky summer homes and condos. Washingtion Island and the state parks are nice but the rest is pure tourist paraphernalia. The Wisconsin Dells area is nice if you stay away from the 5,000 water parks that adorn the towns of Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells.
  8. Highway 33 from LaCrosse to Baraboo. And the great suggestions above relative to the Baraboo Hills.
  9. Thanks for the advice all. At this point I think I'll head for the Baraboo area, then work back west from there towards Lacrosse and back up along the Mississippi...I'll post photos upon my return.
  10. I'd agree with the Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells advice.
    I was at Devils' Lake State Park and the Baraboo bluffs yesterday morning and the colors are at peak. Should be okay for at least a few more days. I shoot film, so no posts. :)
    I'd stay in the south 1/3 of the state as north of there the colors are past peak and more subdued than you would like. In general, the areas west of Madison and south of I90 are some of the prettiest in Wisconsin for landscapes, especially if the colors are peak - glacial, lots of nice early morning and late evening shadows to add texture, etc.
    I'll just throw out one idea - Baraboo, Devil's Lake State Park, maybe Natural Bridge State Park (both state parks in one day for one fee), down to Spring Green, west on Hiway 60 to Prairie Du Chien and then north on Hiway 35 back to the cities. All or most of that sghould be beautiful this time of year.
    Have fun.
  11. Thanks Rod, that's the kind of specifics that makes photo.net great!
  12. Thanks again all for the great suggestions. We ended up focusing on the Baraboo area (Devil's lake State park etc). That's a pretty area. Fall color was still hanging on well there though probably a few days past peak. On Saturday it was really windy though and I bet that by the end of the day it was a lot further past peak. I'm really glad we didn't gamble on SW wisconsin, we drove home that way (along wisconsin river, hwy 60) on the last day and fall had fallen.

    Pictures to follow...Thanks again.

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