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Discussion in 'Sports' started by timw, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hi guys
    I need to wirelessly tether when I am shooting equestrian events only I need to be able to shoot from quite some distance to where we have laptop / printer / viewing station set up. I've tried Eye-Fi cards and whilst not too bad when within 10 metres anything beyond that and it fails miserably. I have tried using a wireless network connecting via a TP router but this was still flakey and distance nowhere near what I needed.
    Can anyone make any recommendations on what I can do / use to try and get a decent wireless distance? Ideally over 100m + if possible?
    Camera is a 5D Mk3 (also needless to say I want to do this as cheaply but reliably as possible too...)
  2. This is really more a computer question than a photography question and I'm no computer expert. But I would think what you need is a laptop close to the camera, with the camera using either a cable or Eye-Fi card dumping files into the folder on that laptop. Then you need another computer at the viewing station/printer that has access to the folder on the first laptop. At that point it's a matter of routine networking between the two computers just like you would have in any office or home network, though most likely via ethernet cable rather than wireless. Again, I am not a computer expert.
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    Wi-Fi b/g/n specs to a maximum of 92 meters outdoors, but that is for ideal conditions. All sorts of problems can arise that reduce the actual range and it's not clear anyone gets that 92 meters outside of test conditions. Eye-fi cards have a short range. You can get the Canon WFT-E7a to use with your camera, but it's very expensive and they mention but don't guarantee a 100 meter range.
  4. Yeah - what Jeff said. I don't know of any system that will guarantee 100 meters.

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