Wireless Shutter Trigger

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by robert_martin|5, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Anyone aware of a wireless shutter trigger for the Minolta 7Hi and
    Minolta A2?
  2. jbs


    I have not seen one on Minola's web site....:(...J
  3. none that i know of. think they only work with cable
  4. I did find one that Minolta makes for the Maxxum cameras, but don't know if it will work with the digital cameras. Its the Minolta IR-1(N)Wireless Controller Set for Maxxum cameras.

  5. The wireless shutter trigger mentioned works with only certain Maxxums. It does not work with the A1 and I have seen no mention of wireless trigger capablility in any of the specs for the A2 at this time.
  6. Does anyone know of a wireless shutter trigger for the dynax (maxxum) 7. and is it cheaper than the remote chords.
  7. According to the manual for the 7, the controller noted above at B&H's site works for the 7, or if you have a 5400xi, 5400HS or 5600HS(D) it will both work without the controlled itself and act as a controller for a second flash in wireless mode. Of course, the wireless feature on the 7 doesn't need a controller for the 5600HS(D), 5400HS, 3600HS(D), 5400xi or 3500xi.

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