Wireless remote options for Nikon d300 with 10-pin connector not working

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  1. Hi, I was using a wireless remote on my Nikon d300 camera but when we took it off it appears to have broken and left the 10-pin connector on the camera with a little piece of metal stuck in one of the holes and I can't for the life of me get it out.
    I have read that getting the connectors fixed can be $250 and since I am looking to upgrade to a full frame camera within months and only plan to use the d300 as a spare camera, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any wireless shutter remote that I can use on the d300 without having to connect it to the 10-pin connector. I do a lot of landscape and long exposure work and really rely on the remote. I can't seem to find anything that will work without a connection to the 10-pin connector on the camera? Hoping that I can avoid spending a lot of money fixing this camera in the meantime :)
    Thanks in advance
  2. Heytherek,
    Sorry I don't have very good solutions. Maybe call a couple jewelers? They work with very tiny areas and tools.
    I guess a strong magnet will not pull it out:(
    What brand/model wireless remote was it? I'm on my 4th one now. Inexpensive ones that cost around $30.00 and they all fitted on the hot shoe. The first 3 all went bad too quickly. The 10-pin connector wires seem to be part of the problem at times. I also have a D300 (two). On my last trip, (once again) the remote started acting up in the middle of no-where... but this time, so did my camera. I think the remote may of messed up the camera or it was just a coincidence that the camera started acting up at the same time. The camera was going blank and I had to do a reset, take batteries out, disconnect remote etc... for everything to work again. 1,500 miles from home. The main problem is now my SB-600 flashes (two) are not working or going off without me pressing the shutter on this D300 body. Speedlight works fine with the other body. Gonna send the body in for repair.

    Back to the wireless remote.., This time I spent $70.00 and bought the ''SMDV RFN-4s Slim Wireless Remote Shutter Cable Release, Transmitter, and Receiver Kit.'' I like that there is no cable. It screws right into the 10-pin connector, but it looks a bit delicate. Great part is that I can attach my Speedlight while using this remote. http://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Shutter-Transmitter-Receiver-Replaces/dp/B0095PWR4S
  3. If you can shoot tethered to a laptop CameraRC will do what you want. Camerarc.com.
  4. CamRanger would also let you do it but it requires you to use an ipad or an android phone/tablet to trigger the release. It does connect through the USB connection on the D300 instead of the ten-pin connector though. Depending on how critical the timing of the shutter release is you might also be able to use the time delay mode on the camera. I've used it in the past for landscape photography.
  5. The pins on cheap connectors are usually hollow tubes. Try shoving a thin sewing needle into the remnants of the connector pin and see if you can weedle it out. Just a suggestion, and entirely at your own risk of course.
  6. ''DIY Remote Shutter Release Cable''

    Interesting… but you still have to use a pin connector and you may have to copy/paste the link


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