Wired vs. Wireless Remote vs. Timer

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by oded bar-el, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm considering getting a remote control for my D70s. I plan to use it mostly for long
    exposures with a tripod rather than self portraits.
    I'm trying to figure out, if this is indeed a requirement, why not use a self timer and
    if getting a remote control, which one to get ?
    The wireless (ML-L3) seems to be working with most Nikon DSLR's out there,
    while the wired (MC-DC1) is for D70s and D80 (only ?).
    The wired is 10$ more, don't ask me why, seems to me wireless should be more
    hi-tech and expensive, but these 10 bucks are not the issue.
    From convenience stand point, seems like wired would be actually more
    convenient for long exposures, rather than wireless.

    I didn't find any documentation on operations, but seems like both are one-button
    Any recommendataions or experience ?

  2. Obed,
    I use the wireless on my D70. The camera's receptor is on the front of the camera. So, it is difficult to use it from the side or back of the camera. One even needs to be careful to be out of the way of a long lens or wide lend hood. However, the range is good. The D70 does not allow for the insertion of a cable release. Maybe the D70s does. An advantage of a wired release would be that it can allow operation from any direction.

  3. I would use the timer if its long exposures you will be doing.A wired or wireless,is yet another piece of equipment ,albeit small,to carry and also it "ties" you to the camera,or you have to hang it down or place somewhere while the camera shoots,if its the wired. From my recollection,having owned a D70 and D70s a symbol appears on the top lcd when the timers is set up and it remains set up for as long as you want,unlike the D50 whereby you have to set it, before each shutter actuation ,which is a pain.

    I think the timer is ideal.As long as you set 5 seconds or more for it to actuate the shutter release,obviating any camera shake.

  4. The wireless remote effectively give you a 'T' setting. In manual mode, set the shutter speed to bulb. One button push to open the shutter, the next closes it. The max is 30 minutes but i find amp noise gets bad after 4 minutes unless it's realy cold out.

  5. Long exposure of busy road in Edmonton. Amp noise on left side.

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