Winter locations near Aspen Colorado

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  1. Hi all - i am traveling to Aspen Colorado/Snowmass in February and wondering if there are good winter locations for landscape photography.
  2. Ashcroft, just outside Aspen, is an abandoned mining town.
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    You don't say how you're planning to get around to these locations. Assuming you will have a car ( whether 2wd or 4WD might be significant) be alert to the possibility that side-roads open some of the year might not be ploughed, or even if they are ploughed might not be usable by your car or indeed by any car in the event of sudden heavy falls.
    There are websites that communicate Aspen's ploughing policy, and several articles on Tripadvisor about getting around in that area in winter. For sure the road to Maroon Lake will be closed .
    Finally, if you're unused to driving on snowy ground be very careful. Check whether you need chains and whether any rental car you hire comes with them and make sure you can fit them. One of the biggest issues I've found about photographing in the snow is that less than the full width of the road is often ploughed leaving no room to pull to one side to stop; and you often can't see whats on the verges - a nice flat 2" of snow, or much deeper with a ditch.
  4. Wow, that old mining town looks interesting. I am planning to move to Colorado (along the front range) this summer. Not only is it a great state for landscape photography, I'd love to hit the ghost town with my metal detector too!

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