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  1. The results are in:
    20 people voted for their favorite image in the Thread which asked members to submit their best shot for 2005.
    And the winner is:
    Tim Holte's black and white of couple from above... 5 votes
    12 other images were voted for:
    Stephen Seward - 2 votes Children by the fence
    Marc Williams - 2 votes "Casual observer"
    Chris Uglanica 2 votes "Serenity"
    Melisa McKolay 1 vote Sepia - couple hugging.
    Jon Jacobson - 1 vote carriage - pan shot
    Marc Williams 1 vote First shot
    Stacy Newgent - 1 vote "in the mirror"
    Jason Smith 1 vote "Wedding in the Vines"
    Lex - 1 vote "A trophy for his pickup truck...
    Ian 1 vote "Untitled"
    Jay Philbrick - 1 vote " Die-hard Fan "
    Zolton - 1 vote "My Favorite Shoot"
    Next time I'll have a theme but I think this is such an interesting result. Some people picked for beauty/art and others for emotional impact. Even though we may look at images differently than brides...I still think it shows that different people are looking for different things in wedding photography. For instance - My husband liked the shot of the bride looking through the dress and the nervous bride in the mirror and Lex's freckled boy the best of all the shots. I was looking for artsy inspiration myself but enjoyed many of the fun/emotional images.
    For a look at the winning images:
    Best wedding shot of 2005
  2. "Some people picked for beauty/art and others for emotional impact."

    Tim's shot has both, that's why I voted for it. It has a bit of mystery to it, as well, since we
    can't quite see the expressions on the couple's faces and must leave that to our imaginations.
    Kudos, Tim, it's a nice capture!
  3. Here, here, great shot. Congratulations Tim !!!!
  4. Great shot, Tim. Congrats.

    I tried to vote at the email address on Mary's site and my email kept bouncing back. Was I trying to use the wrong address? Anyway, nice job Mary and great idea running this little favorite shoot thing. Keep up the great (and thankless) work on the forum. Happy Holidays, everyone.
  5. Congratulations Tim! It is a wonderful shot -infact all of your work is very beautiful!
  6. Wonderful shots :: everyone ~~ great artistic enteries..
    You all deserve the reconigtion! Happy shooting in 2006
  7. Congratulations!
  8. This was a lot of fun and very revealing, Mary. It shows that there's no one "correct" way to do this. It should also dispel any worries about wedding photography being formula work. There are so many ways to approach this stuff.
  9. Thanks, it was really fun to see everybodies best images. Here is the basic info (deleted from my original upload because the image was too big). Nikon D70 - ISO 200 - Program Mode - Tamron 28-300 zoom - Shot from a bridge at the Milwaukee Art Museum - the real wedding photographer was down below shooting the B&G - the bride was holding a cala lily and I thought her dress and veil looked like a cala lilly. I converted to sepia with the photo kit sharpener for Elements 2.0 although it looks nice in color also. I will do weddings for relatives and friends but what I am really kind of getting in to is event photography. It seems so much more fun, none of this phony-balogne posing everyone all the time. I also don't think I have the right attitude and personality for wedding work.
  10. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Tim, excellent work. It is also interesting that those wonderful images were shot with a consumer-grade DSLR and a Tamron super zoom. As usual, it is the photographer that matters most.
  11. What I find most interesting is that if you ask 20 photographers, you get 13 different opinions on what "best" is with only a small minority in agreement.

    Wonder if the results would be similar with having bridges & grooms voting.

  12. Tim, the first shot was very good but the above shot is outstanding!

    What I found interesting was what other photographers thought was their best shot (or favorite). Since I'm already familiar with many of their images which they have posted over 2005, in many cases I was surprised by their choice of image.
  13. Tim's second pix is even better than the first! Great vision!

    On the subject of the varying opinions on what is a great photograph: The dichotomy between what I think looks great and what my clients think is great never ceases to amaze me. It's always an interesting tussle between the bride whose wedding you are shooting, and the parents who are probably paying for it! Bottom line: Shoot the fun candids, but get those mundane group shots. And make sure Uncle Charlie's eyes are open!
  14. Shun, for $300 the Tamron is not a bad lens, I will upscale some of my optics in the future. I am a low budget kind of guy, many people say cheap actually. I enjoy trying to maximize what I do have as far as equipment is concerned. I did bust loose for a SB-800 though and it has really proved its worth. You guys are right about images being very subjective as far as the viewer is concerned. I think a lot of it has to do with expectations. If a bride thinks the wedding photographer is good, she will think the images are great no matter what. I must emphasize that many of my "wedding" photos are really shots that I took having absolutely no affiliation with the wedding I was shooting. Most of my best images were taken at the Santiago Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Every week-end if the weather is nice, real wedding photogs bring the wedding party to the museum to get some outdoor images with the Calatrava addition in the background. As kind of a weird hobby, I like to go and shoot the shooters shooting. Getting some interesting photos this way is much easier than being the real wedding photographer. I don't have to worry about posing, looking in the right direction etc., etc. For entering this little contest, I chose an image that I thought most people would like. The following image is really my favorite because of the weird lighting, some of which was produced by one of the "real" photographers.
  15. Huge echo to the previous comments re: vision vs equipment.
    All Tim's images on this thread show that vision.
  16. THANKS EVERYBODY, oops, wrong Tim, darn, there's always the employee contest at work.. lol
  17. "What I found interesting was what other photographers thought was their best shot (or
    favorite). Since I'm already familiar with many of their images which they have posted over
    2005, in many cases I was surprised by their choice of image".

    Why the surprise David? The question was "what was YOUR favorite shot in 2005?" People
    may have a memory connected to a specific image, and some even said so. Which is often
    the reason a client may like an image that you don't consider all that good aesthetically.
    Plus, it wasn't revealed to be a contest until later. Perhaps some folks would've posted
    differently knowing that going in ... none of which takes away from the diversity and
    beauty of many of the shots.
  18. I didn't think of voting on the images until people started posting.

    I'm actually glad because I also think people would have picked "safe"
    work and others might not have submitted.
  19. Why the surprise David? The question was "what was YOUR favorite shot in 2005?"

    Well, Actually the question was "What was your best shot in 2005?"
    I simply said I found it interesting. I wasn't aware of any negative connotations to the word "interesting"....perhaps we're using different dictionaries. The word "interesting" was also in two prior posts and I didn't read anything negaitive into them. If you really care for me to elaborate and explain my surprise, which I doubt, feel free to give me a call or send an email.
  20. Peace David. Nothing negative meant. Sorry I wasn't clearer. Was just responding to how
    many people took the request and posted their personal favorites, as opposed to what
    may have been their best wedding image in their opinion ... and I merely speculated that
    their choice of favorite photo may be due to the experience at the wedding, as opposed to
    it being their best image ...

    "These are not necessarily my best, but one of my favorites."

    "I would not call this a wow photo but it is one of my favorites from this year."

    "This may not be my best shot from 2005, but it's one of my favorites."

    "Here is one of my favorites"
  21. Awww... I was out of town! :-( In any case, great photos everyone. :)
  22. this is terrific, Mary. The thing I enjoy most about this forum is that so many are trying to bring some art to the craft. So many fine shooters sharing ideas and images ...

    We need a "contest" every few months, just because the people here are rarely competitive, are sharing, etc. We need a contest for the best flower picture, the best engagement photo, the best group photo ... just viewing the submitted shots would contribute to the aim of so many of us here to deliver above customer expectation.

    My thanks to all who've posted pictures that entertain and enlighten. Got some more spare time, Mary?

    And a fine New Year to all,


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