Winner and 2nd and Third Place for Best Wedding shot of 2008 - UP to 3 years experience

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by think27, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. And the winners are.....
  2. Congrats to all the winners! Great work!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Good job judges! Interesting picks, better than the normal run of the mill wedding shots. Congrats to the winners & posters, many where quite good. Cheers!
  5. Congratulations, winners! This contest was my first experience with and it was a very fun and positive one. Thanks to the community and to the judges for their time and expertise! I've learned a lot! Thank you again! (FWIW, Jill Gately's image was my number one pick, too!)
  6. Congratulations Winners!
  7. many congratulations to the lucky winners.
  8. Congrats to the winners and everyone else who entered! Cheers!
  9. congratulations to the winners
  10. Congratulations to the winners - very nice work and it was fun to participate.
  11. The judges had a difficult time! There were a lot of amazing images. Congratulations to the winners and also to the judges for doing such a fine job judging.
  12. Wow - 2 B&Ws here too (it's the same in the pro's competition too)! That's definitely surprising.
  13. Thank you everyone for your nice comments and I appreciate the win and the constructive criticism. I am really flattered. Good luck everyone with your photography careers and future weddings.
  14. Great work. Congratulations to the winners!
  15. Enjoyed participating and following the whole thread(s) day by day!. My congratulations to the winners here.
  16. Congratulations to the winners!
    Glad to see Dennis Creason making it to the top 3.
  17. Sorry! I think a missed something on this contest. I really like Jill Gately's photograph, but the others are not so great to win a contest. Just my stupid opinion!!!!!!!!!!!11
  18. Wow -- 4 of 6 in this contest are B&W. Nice to the winners' excellent efforts, but customers are not 67% ga-ga over B&W.
  19. Ken - Perhaps in your area if the average customer were judging, they may have come to a different conclusion and picked color.
    However in Stowe, VT or NY or DC where I shoot, black and white is king. I've done weddings where I had to convince couples to do at least some color. On the Wedding Info sheet, they indicate what ratio they wanted and over 50% of my couples want a larger portion of the shoot to be black and white.
    Having said that, I didn't even notice the black and white vs color issue. It was purely on composition, emotional impact, texture, exposure and overall excellance. It is just a coincidence that they were mostly black and white. I also think there is quite a difference between photographers judging wedding work vs an average consumer. Cheers..
  20. Congrats Jill, Bryce and Dennis.
  21. Congrats!!!
    Jill, you were the very deserving winner!
    Until next year!
  22. Nice going gang! Congratulations to all, even the so called non-winners. Those with the "guts" to post their work for all to critique are winners in my books. Good job all.
  23. Congratulations from me, as well. Bottom line, congratulations, and the photos are all terrific. I think all three are great photos (and there were easily 10 more that were terrific, too).
    I must admit, however, that I am a bit confused by the comments from the judges, considering the quality of work submitted. I think Jill's photo is great, and what really makes that photo for me is the personality, tenderness, and emotion you can feel in it. The joy of the bride, and the tenderness of the groom. But the arch is coming right out of her head, and that is noted in the comments. If it weren't noted, that's one thing, but it is noted.
    Again, it's a great photo. I would be...I don't know if I'd ever get a shot like that - I'm just that good. So I'd be more than proud to have taken it. I would consider myself to have made some kind of quantum leap. But I'm just confused, that's all. Jill, I hope you take no offense to my question.
  24. Allan - There is not one photo in the entire contest that was perfect. You had to be part of the process to understand. Where one photo would be loved by one judge - another judge would point out a valid flaw. This was true of all the images that were judged to be the best. Then you might have an anflawed image that had absolutely no emotional or little emotional appeal or was stiff and or contrived....
    It was not easy ;-) These are, after all, not studio shots or commercial shots for a magazine spread where you have art direction and all the time in the world.. These are wedding shots and as such - wedding photographers are shooting on the fly much of the time. Fast and furious and not always picture perfect but strong, emotive and memorable.
  25. All - First - oops, I meant to say "I'm just NOT that good." Holy cow, big word to forget. Sorry.
    Mary - I competely understand how difficult it was. I did not mean to say that it was easy. Just that I was confused by that one comment. I guess I should not have said anything since you are expecting a lot of comments about the choices and I am unlikely to be taken in the manner in which I intend.
    with apologies. allan
  26. No need to apologize... It gave us a chance to clarify why imges that won still have some critique attached.
  27. isa


    The best congrats to our winners and good uck to their works !!
  28. Must have been a tough choice. These could all be interchangeable in placing as far as I'm concerned.
  29. Congratulations to Jill, Bryce and Dennis; and thanks to the judges for having this contest. My very first time to participate in a photo contest, and the review of these images daily and anticipation of the final judging was quite a thrill... Mike
  30. One thing that impressed me was the over-all quality of work from the less than 3 year group of shooters. Very well done all, and a big thumbs up to the winners.
  31. Congratulations ye all,
  32. Congratulations to all the winners. There is some very good work here. Marc Williams photo was the standout photo for me. Three cheers to the judges too.
    Marcus Sr.
  33. Congrats again to the excellent photos that won...totally worth it and you ought to be prouder than ever.
  34. Congratulations too all who participated....and congrats to the winners. Those shots were excellent in their right. For shooters under three years....i was very impressed!....and i don't impress easily.
  35. I thought for sure that Marc Williams was the breakaway star in this one... The winner obviously stood out as well, but Matc's photo was epic. I would want it on the last page of my album!
  36. I'm disappointed that my shot wasn't even in the running, considering that it didn't seem to show any of the specific flaws like background/object intersection with heads, skin blemishes, or any improper subject cropping (all of which I do take pains to avoid). My image was planned, exposed a certain way on purpose and processed a certain way on purpose. I guess interaction between two or more people was a necessary element to the judges, because that's the only thing the winning shots consistently have in common that my shot lacked.
  37. Congrats to the can I see all the entries?
  38. Thanks Mary,
    Judges had to make some tough choices in both categories. I don't necessary agree with all their choices after reviewing the candidates, as each image brings out different emotion in the eye of the beholder. Their choices struck them different then me and I completely respect that and their choices. When will this "contest" be run again?
  39. Congrats to the winners, they are technically and artistically sound.
    Looking back over the entries, I should have waited to see the others first.
    My entry was what I thought at the time to be all encompassing of her wedding day.
    Beautiful scenery, the wedding party, bride and groom about to walk into the light...
    In hindsight, I had images that were more in the vein of what I'm seeing as the judges choice.
    Maybe a contest that covers the many individual categories (details, bridal, ceremony, etc..)
    My .02
  40. Al, William - We'll probably run the contest again next year. We try and do this every February. Not likely to break it down into categories... Too complicated and time consuming for volunteer judges.
  41. Al, William - We'll probably run the contest again next year. We try and do this every February. Not likely to break it down into categories... Too complicated and time consuming for volunteer judges.

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