Windows Picture & Fax Viewer Problem

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robert_martin|5, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. I use Windows Picture & Fax Viewer to review images and run as a slide show. I
    have a problem with recent images when I click the ikon to make the image go to
    100% size - I get "Drawing Failed" instead of a 100% size image. If I rotate
    the mouse wheel to make the image size either less than or greater than 100%
    then the image appeaars and I can rotate the mouse wheel back to the 100% size
    and all is ok. Older images do not have this problem.

    I save RAW + JPG images with the camera. All images are processed using
    Photoshop CS2 and saved as JPG for viewing. JPG images from the camera are
    processed in Photoshop to change profile from Adobe RGB to sRGB, correct lens
    distortion, and saved as a JPG. RAW images are processed using custom settings
    for each image, lens distortion correction, sharpening, profile changed to
    sRGB, and saved as a JPG. When I view the JPG processed images I do not have
    the "drawing failed" problem, but do have the problem with the RAW processed
    images. Anyone have any ideas?

    I have not checked to see if the new release of the RAW converter (ACR 3.7) is
    the problem, but will do that today. Older images were processed using an
    earlier version of ACR.
  2. I'd bet on the MS viewer being the problem, not CS2. Lots of freebie viewers out there much, much, more capable.

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