Window of optimism.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  2. I really really like this image! A wonderful breath of fresh air totally original.

    In a single close-cropped frame, you have told me everything I need to know--nothing more, nothing less.

    If this is your style of photography, I definitely want to see more!

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  3. Thank you wonner for your feedback, I glad you like it.
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  4. An interesting image. I like it. I'd burn the bright areas left of the window quite a bit and the not-as-bright areas at the bottom a little--especially the area to the left. They draw the eye away from the window.
  5. I see the areas you mentioned. But I don't agree with your recommendation about the ones left of the window. They really are small enough so as to keep the viewer's eye on the window. Besides, the areas of wall around the window are interesting in their own right.
  6. You should have spent the time rubbing away these tracks of a pinhead as opposed to wasting film on them.
  7. A term that can be applied to some of those scrawling graffiti and some of those critiquing photos.
  8. I wonder why you hold yourself back? Say what you mean instead of being so wishy-washyo_O

    Criticism should at least be helpful

    Pearls Before Swine | Dec 27, 2015
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  9. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

  10. Thank you royall_berndt for looking.
    Are you sure you are on the right forum?
  11. a black hole is a symbol for optimism?
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  12. Good question! Generally, photographers do well to avoid interpreting symbolism for their viewers! The beauty of symbols is in their universality and individuality of language, rarely benefitting from being pre-labeled.
  13. Excellent.

    Me, for the New Year, I've promised myself to avoid photographing walls for a while. Aaron Siskind was too big for me, early-on (Sixties). The temptation to photograph peeling paint and grafitti may be part of the reason that I've not done much casual portraiture, which actually makes me happier than just about other imagery.
  14. . Maybe not a symbol for optimism but a thought or question about optimism.
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  15. A good reminder not to assume the intent of a title.

    Maybe even an ironic title, which I might only get were I viewing a bunch of Pavel’s photos with titles. In isolation, I might not get the irony of many of Warhol’s quips, for example, but knowing him, it often seemed apparent. He was as consistent as Yogi Berra, and possibly as good a ... catcher.

  16. Thank you paddler4, michaellinder, Dieter, terrykelly, samstevens, inoneeye.

    Yes, in some situation the black hole is the "lowest point" (from the point of view of light), so if follow to message on the wall the coming change must be the only brightening.

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