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  1. Hi all - I'm trying to help a relative who wants to get married in Williamsburg VA. I'm moving in a few days and only have access to my computer up until tomorrow night so any responses after that - I won't see until maybe a month from now.
    Anyone heard of ModernWed documentary photography in Williamsburg? Any suggestions on good photographers in the area? She only wants to spend $2,000 but she is looking at a package for 2800. Photography is probably her biggest priority for the day. She's also looking at Kingsmill Resort.. Pro's ? Cons? Any other suggestions?
  2. Hello MaryBall,
    I was glancing at the forums this evening and saw "Williamsburg" and my interested was piqued! I actually was married in Williamsburg last year. Lovely location for a wedding. I booked Sarah Cramer out of Charlottesville, VA, (you can google cramer photo charlottesville) who was absolutely a phenomenal photographer. She was worth every single penny paid; I really cannot speak highly enough of her. I also looked at Brad Howe as well whose portfolio looked nice
    Kingsmill is beautiful, but a minimum $15K to spend there. I'm not sure what your relative's budget is, but Kingsmill is very very expensive. Ford's Colony is another option, but their venue for larger groups is a permanent tent option, or a smaller room for more intimate weddings (probably under 40 ppl)
    Also an option is The Alumni House at William & Mary. Also, the local community buildings, Legacy Hall in James City county is new and beautiful and a STEAL at a few hundred bucks, you just have to bring in caterers, etc. Also is the Williamsburg community building where I had my rehearsal (located in the heart of Wiliamsburg) beautiful, simple and bright, with a big open outdoor space and lawn.
    Also is the Williamsburg Winery, but they are sort of, um, particular as to which vendors you can use, but the location is absolutely lovely.
    I had my reception at a wonderful restaurant in the heart of Wiliamsburg.
    If you have further questions you can message me (or your relative can). I lived in Williamsburg for 4 years and still have some contacts there.
  3. Thanks so much Laura!
  4. Hi MaryBall! I grew up in Williamsburg and know the area pretty much inside and out. I would love to work with your family.... check out my site for contact info wesweberphotography.com

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