William Eggleston: article in W Magazine

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  1. Article on William Eggleston in W, a major fashion magazine:
  2. interesting choice of backdrops -- the coin laundry in the background was my brothers coin laundry -- the neighborhood where they did the shot is seedy at best -- surrounded by crack houses, hourly motels and other gritty stuff

    I spent 5 years working in the building in the background -- for the record, they are in the parking lot of tops BBQ on Summer ave in memphis -- it's probably less than 2 miles from his house
  3. in that same issue are the Brad Pitt's photographs of wife Angelina. ( terrible photoshop work on the cover shot, in my
  4. Thanks Vic, and Blake.
  5. Interesting stuff Blake. Did you ever hang with him at all or see him out shooting? Or go drinking with him? Seems he could be a hoot.
  6. we've had a few phone calls- -- he's an odd bird in many ways

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